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Breakfast on the go: the best containers

April 25, 2019
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Breakfast on the go: the best containers

Home is where the heart is and your breakfast table is simply everywhere, where you decide to bring your breakfast!

There are countless places where you can enjoy your breakfast: on a park bench in the sun, between notebook and to-do list at your desk in the office, in a quiet corner at the Uni Campus or on your way to work on the train – with your favorite muesli, granola or porridge lovingly wrapped up and prepared, nothing stands in the way of a great morning!

All it takes to bring your breakfast with you is the right packaging, so there’s no unwanted spillage, your porridge stays warm and you won’t produce any unnecessary waste. Fortunately there’s a great variety of different sustainable containers for your breakfast on the go, that are not only really useful, but also look great! Here are some of our favorites:



Mason Jars, screw top jars or jars with a clip lock

Make glas your material of choice and you are always on the safe side. Even after years glas still doesn’t show any signs of usage or tear and therefore can be used over and over again. Glas is heatproof and doesn’t take on any smells and tastes.

-> glas jars

Vacuum Insulated Food Canisters by Klean Kanteen

Vacuum Insulated Food Canisters are our all time favorites as they can do both: keep your porridge warm for hours but also your milk cold. They are so handy for your breakfast on the go as the opening has the perfect size. Insulted Food Canisters are not only great for your everyday travels but also for a morning hike or a day at the sea or lake.

-> Klean Kanteen

Vacuum Insulated Food Canisters by Hydro Flask

If your looking for a colorful option you will love the Vacuum Insulted Food Canisters by Hydro Flask. They come in many different colors and you can even create your own by customizing the lid, bootle and boot. Perfect for all individualists but also as a gift!

-> Hydro Flask 


KeepCups have the great advantage of being super lightweight. If you have finished what you brought inside there’s hardly any additional weight left. The colorful cups come in many different variations and can also be customized. If you’re searching for an easy going and stylish breakfast companion, a KeepCup might be just what you’re looking for.

-> KeepCups

Riess Flavor Pots

The Flavor Pots by the traditional Austrian brand Riess are true eye catchers and look in any kitchen fabulous or stylish on the go. The beginning of Riess dates back to 1550 where they started to use enamel to produce kitchen utensils. As a true Austrian high-quality product they are hard-wearing. And incase you want to reheat your breakfast: the Flavor Pots can be used on any kind of stove.

-> Riess Flavor Pots 

Early Bird

A crunchy mix made from almonds, hazel nuts, walnuts and cashew nuts....

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