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Good morning from Edinburgh!

October 12, 2018
  • Good Morning from
Good morning from Edinburgh!

The Scottish capital Edinburgh is a truly magical place – and that’s not only due to the fact, that author J.K. Rowling has written most of her Harry Potter books in Edinburgh. The beautiful architecture and most of all the famous Edinburgh Castle make the dreamy city a popular tourist spot. Not even the worst Scottish weather can put a strain on a visit, thanks to the many cosy and lovely coffeehouses and breakfast places. On today’s blog post we introduce you to our favourite breakfast place in Edinburgh:  


Century General Store


If you are looking for a cosy and delicious breakfast place, that is close to the Royal Mile and the Scottish Parlament, but off the beaten track, will fall in love with the Century General Store. Not only you can find really good coffee (!) there, but also a great selection of different sandwiches, mueslis, pastries and many other breakfast treats. What we love most, is that the café is at the same time a sustainable shop where you can buy kitchen utensils, plants and even handmade cosmetics. The Century General Store is the perfect place, if you want to combine breakfast with souvenir shopping! What to try: the sweet scones with homemade jam!



1-7 Montrose Terrace

Edinburgh, United Kindgdom