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Spotlight on Heritage Grains: VERIVAL Rye

February 28, 2015
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Spotlight on Heritage Grains: VERIVAL Rye

Very-what now?

Not only do Heritage Grains provide an envious nutritional profile but they are also much better tolerated by the human body when compared to their modern colleagues. Plus, the taste is refreshingly real and intense. We’re all looking for that, yet what actually ends up in our bowls these days seems to be even more of the same. That is why VERIVAL celebrates the revival of several selected ancient grains, a project which ultimately contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and takes breakfast to the next level.

In the weeks to come we would like to formally introduce you to our 4 VERIVAL Heritage Grains. First one up: rye!

When you think of rye, a piece of perfectly baked sourdough bread comes to mind rather than a bowl of nutritious muesli, right? Well, that’s a shame. Those already in the know love rye for its distinctive taste: the nuttiness and earthiness of rye flakes makes you feel more grounded instantly, almost as if the rye was trying to say, “easy, there, tiger”.

So what it is that about our VERIVAL Rye that makes it so amazing? We’ll let the rye do the talking:

Nickname: winter rye

Can’t be bothered by: freezing cold temperatures (-25°C couldn’t be less of a problem for this fella)

We’re loving it for: its high amounts of lysine, an essential amino acid, a vital addition to an already balanced nutritional profile

Thinks of itself as: racy, intense, earthy

Is nuts about: nuts (pun intended!), raisins or grapes, frothy plant-based drinks (like soy or almond) or creamy cow’s milk; but also likes cool refreshments (like yoghurt)

Stands out in: our VERIVAL Heritage Grains Muesli with Nuts

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