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Waking Up Made Easy – Even When School Starts

September 18, 2015
  • Breakfast
Waking Up Made Easy – Even When School Starts

How about, for instance, some breakfast art according to Food Artist Ida Frosk? This cute Porridge Sheep with dried plums, apricots, almonds and kiwi is sure to earn some glorious smiles on behalf of our little breakfast friends. You could easily use our Porridge with Apricots and Honey as a base. Here’s some more inspiration for you:

Balloon Crêpe with rasperries, almonds and chocolate .

Ballon-Crêpe © Ida Frosk

Balloon Crêpe © Ida Frosk

Crispy bread ABC with cheese, snap peas and cocktail tomatoes – try them with our hearty organic Pronurel Spreads.

Buchstaben-Knäcke © Ida-Frosk

Crisp-bread ABC © Ida-Frosk

Bunny Waffles with yoghurt and carrots

Hasen-Waffeln © Ida Frosk

Bunny Waffles © Ida Frosk

Harry Potter Snack –simply decorate some Corn-quinoa waffles with veggies.

Snack-Harry Potter © Ida Frosk

Snack-Harry Potter © Ida Frosk

Find more pics by Ida Frosk on Instagram, in her book and on facebook.

Eat Your Art Out by Ida Frosk

Eat Your Art Out by Ida Frosk

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