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Children's breakfast - The most important meal for our little ones

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Berry crunchy for children made from wholegrain oat flakes - Handmade in Tyrol. 100% organic, 50% less sugar, palm oil free, vegan and rich in fibre. See details
Berry Crunchy 55g
Berry Crunchy 55g
Berry crunchy for children made from wholegrain oat flakes - Handmade in Tyrol. 100% organic, 50% less sugar, palm oil free, vegan and rich in fibre.
Content 55 gram (€27.09 * / 1000 gram)
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Buy Kids Porridge, Kids Muesli or Kids Cornflakes

Verival porridge for kids, muesli for kids or cornflakes for kids are an optimal start to the day! The preparation of the breakfast takes about 5 minutes and is very easy. Now buy your breakfast conveniently in our online store.

Buy Kids Porridge & Kids Cereal Online - Easy and Healthy From Verival

It is important for children to have a delicious yet healthy breakfast. Due to the complex carbohydrates in oatmeal, children's blood sugar levels rise slowly. In nutrition science, this is called a low glycemic index.

In the children's porridge and also in the children's muesli, we completely avoid refined household sugar. The natural sweetness in children's porridge is obtained from bananas and dates. So, it not only tastes delicious, but is also suitable for children and above all healthy. On our website you will find simple recipes that you can easily replicate. It won't take you 15 minutes and you'll have a magical breakfast in front of you.

We think the concerns of parents and the wishes of children must be taken equally seriously. That's why we've enlisted the help of representatives from both "parties" in creating the recipe: extensive scientific input from nutrition experts on the one hand, and hands-on tastings from children ages 6-10 on the other.

Advantages of Verival Kids Porridge

  • 30-50% less added sugar
  • Guaranteed palm oil free
  • Whole grains
  • Contains dietary fiber
  • Full of vitamins
  • Quick and easy to prepare

Verival porridge helps you and your family to get a stress-free start in the day.

Buy Verival Chocolate Cereal Mix

Children's cereal mix is a chocolate granola that contains 30% less sugar than conventional breakfast cereals. Despite the reduced amount of sugar, the Verival chocolate cereal mix contains a child-friendly sweetness and ensures a good mood at the breakfast table. You can easily buy your Verival chocolate cereal mix (Schokomax) in our online store.

Chocolate Granola for the Whole Family

For the larger families, or for everyone who buys in stock, the Chocolate cereal mix is also available in an XXL pack. Instead of 400 g, the XXL pack contains 1400 g and keeps you and your family full for a long time. In our online store you can easily buy a bulk pack of muesli, a bulk pack of porridge or the popular Granola Schokomax 1400 g in stock.

Verival Berry Crunchy for kids - Very Special Breakfast

When the kids crawl out of bed in the morning with a berry craving, Verival Berry Crunchy is just the thing. The crunchy breakfast cereal and breakfast granola is made with whole grain oatmeal, freeze-dried raspberries, strawberries and blackberries.

Puffed Cereals, Cornflakes And Snacks for In-Between Breaks

As with the other children's breakfast products, our Fruit Bips with puffed wheat, our Spelt Dips with honey, our Organic Wheat with honey and our Cornflakes unsweetened or sweetened, come with less added sugar than traditional breakfast products.

You can easily buy breakfast products like the kids cereal or the kids’ porridge in our online store.

Corn Wafers & Rice Cakes - For the Little Hunger in Between!

Between meals you sometimes need snacks. For this purpose, we have corn wafers and rice cakes to satisfy the small hunger.

Do the kids have a craving for sweets and you don't want to give them pure sugar? Our rice cakes strawberry yogurt, rice cakes yogurt or the rice cakes chocolate are a healthy candy substitute.

Easy Recipes From Verival

In order not to lose the fun of breakfast, you will find some recipes to try on our website. All recipes are foolproof and can be done in a short time. You have 15 minutes? Then try it out! You'll be amazed by how quickly and easily the recipes work.

Are you or one of your kids creative? Try it out and create your own recipe. All you need is at least one porridge and of course the ingredients of your choice.

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