The perfect breakfast for your big goals in 2022: discover the Verival Sport Porridge

Mango-Passion Fruit Porridge Smoothie Bowl

  • No added sugar
  • Vegan source of protein
  • Rich in dietary fibre
  • With beta-glucan from oats
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Vegan
  • Prepare cold or warm
  • Ready in 1 minute

Quickly made Porridge Smoothie Bowl with Mango & Passion Fruit. 100% organic, vegan and no added sugar.Quick to prepare Porridge Smoothie Bowl with mango-passion fruit flavour - no added sugar, gluten free and vegan.

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With the power of plants

No added sugar

Natural sweetness from fruits only


According to the AOECS celiac standards

Energetic start

Optimal nutrient distribution

Organic manufactory

We produce for 30 years in Tyrol 

100% organic

From sustainable agriculture

Healthy breakfast in one minute? We have the solution!

The world's first Porridge Smoothie Bowl combines the best of porridge and smoothie in one breakfast. Porridge provides your body with all the essential nutrients at breakfast, is easily digestible and good for your immune system. The complex carbohydrates in wholemeal oats allow your blood sugar to rise slowly, so you stay full longer and your cravings don't stand a chance. Whole grain oats also ensure a healthy digestion thanks to the fibre it contains. The strawberries and raspberries not only give a delicious fruity taste, but also provide you with important vitamins and fibre. By the way, the Bowl can be prepared in just one minute, whether cold or warm, it’s up to you.

We love the morning, the mountains and breakfast

Together with our small team of great organic friends, we have been making exceptional organic breakfast in the Tyrolean Alps for 30 years.

Our mission? Healthy, balanced breakfast that provides you with all the important nutrients, is easy to prepare and of course tastes great.

  • 100% Made in Austria
  • From sustainable agriculture
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Balanced breakfast with optimal nutrient distribution
  • The perfect routine for an active start to the day

Powerfood oats

The regional superfood is full of beta-glucans, which lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In addition, oats contain many vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium and B vitamins. 

Vitamin bomb Mango

The vitamins contained in the mango, such as vitamin C, E and B vitamins, make the yellow fruit particularly valuable for your immune system. It also provides you with healthy minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

Nutrient Rich Passion Fruit

The tropical fruit scores particularly well with its high magnesium content, which is important for your muscles and nerves. It is also rich in vitamin C and B vitamins, which support your natural defences. Due to their high potassium content, passion fruit also has a dehydrating effect and helps to keep your fluid balance.

Nutritional information


Gluten free coarsely ground wholegrain oats* 48%, coconut flour*, mango powder* 7%, passion fruit powder* 6% (maltodextrin*, passion fruit juice concentrate* 45%), date powder*, banana powder* 4,5%, chia seeds* ”salvia hispanica”, pumpkin flakes* (pumpkin purée* 70%, corn- starch*), linseed* gold, acerola powder* (acerola juice concentrate* 75%, maltodextrin*). 

Origin oat: EU 

*) Organic.

May contain traces of sesame seeds, soybeans and other nuts. Packed in protective atmosphere. Store in a cool, dry place.


Put 50 g porridge (6 tbsp) in a bowl and pour over 120 ml cold or warm water, milk or plant-based alternative. Stir, leave to soak for a minute and enjoy.

Nutrition table (data per 100g)

Energy in Kilojoule 1745 kJ
Energy in Kilocalories 415 kcal
Fat 8,8 g
of which saturated 3,4 g
Carbohydrates 61 g
of which sugars 20 g
Fibre 18 g
Protein 14 g
Salt 0,06 g

100% wholesome

Carbohydrates 61%

Protein 14%

Fibre 18%

Fat 8,8%

100% wholesome means:

With one portion of porridge you eat a balanced and healthy meal. All important basic building blocks are supplied to your organism. And this is best done right at the start of the day!



Porridge provides you with optimal nutrients

The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends the consumption of 55% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 15% protein every day so that your body can function optimally and gets everything it needs to be fully efficient. Our Porridges meet these requirements, which means that even at breakfast you can provide your body with the ideal supply for many challenges in everyday life!

Verival Porridge offers many times more vitamins and minerals than a toast with jam Vitamins n... more

Verival Porridge offers many times more vitamins and minerals than a toast with jam

Vitamins not only strengthen your immune system but are also involved in many important processes in your body, such as building and protecting cells. Together with minerals, vitamins also ensure that your metabolism functions optimally. In order to perfectly cover your vitamin and mineral requirements, a healthy diet is essential, preferably in the morning of course. We took a close look and compared two breakfast favourites. Which goes better – a toast with butter and jam or a Verival Porridge?


Toast with jam

Vitamins and mineralsToast with jamDaily requirements
Vitamin B1 (mg/100g) 0.05 1.0
Vitamin B2 (mg/100g) 0.04 1.1
Potassium (mg/100g) 89 4000
Magnesium (mg/100g) 14 300
Zinc (mg/100g) 0.42 7
Iron (mg/100g) 0.47 15
Dietary fibre in total (mg/100g) 3.4 30
Phosphorus (mg/100g) 53 700

Verival Porridge

Vitamins and mineralsVerival PorridgeDaily requirements
Vitamin B1 (mg/100g) 0.34 1.0
Vitamin B2 (mg/100g) 0.11 1.1
Potassium (mg/100g) 477 4000
Magnesium (mg/100g) 138 300
Zinc (mg/100g) 2.39 7
Iron (mg/100g) 4.11 15
Dietary fibre in total (mg/100g) 12.8 30
Phosphorus (mg/100g) 363 700

Verival Porridge contains 3x as much protein as a jam sandwich

Proteins are an important food component. Proteins are especially essential for building muscles and are the basis for building all body cells. In addition to their well-known function as muscle builders, however, they also serve to build enzymes, hormones and other protein structures in the human body.

The oats in our Verival Porridge provide you with optimal vegetable proteins that help you build muscle and also saturate you for a long time.

Verival Porridge contains 3x as much fiber as a jam sandwich

Dietary fibers are basically fiber-rich ingredients of mostly plant-based foods. They ensure that you stay full for a long time and stimulate your digestion. Dietary fiber thus ensures healthy digestion and intestinal flora.

Oats contain a particularly high amount of dietary fiber. Therefore, the oats in our porridge provide a particularly long-lasting satiety. In addition, the fiber in our porridge regulates your blood sugar level and therefore prevents cravings.

Vergleich Ballaststoffe

Warm breakfast for your extra kick of nutrients

Warm breakfast for your extra kick of nutrients

When you enjoy your breakfast warm, you benefit from increased bioavailability of the ingredients. The fiber, protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals contained in porridge can be absorbed better and faster. In addition, warm porridge supports your intestinal health, boosts your metabolism and strengthens your immune system.

The future belongs to recycling

The future belongs to recycling

We are convinced of this. After all, the aim must be to extend the life cycle of existing materials as much as possible so that fewer resources are needed to produce new materials. This is why we focus on recyclability in our packaging and are pleased that our breakfast products have been awarded the "Made for Recycling" certificate. You can find out more about packaging on our social responsibility page.

360° Social Responsibility

360° Social Responsibility

We have been making organic breakfast for more than 30 years - and are one of Austria's absolute organic pioneers. Respectful treatment of people and the environment is therefore our highest priority. For this reason, we have committed ourselves to a 360° Social Responsibility Model, which revolves around these 5 points:

  • Focus on small organic farms
  • Enhancing biodiversity
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Support for environmentally friendly and healthy nutrition
  • Promotion of diversity and women in management positions

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Porridge Smoothie Bowl?

The Porridge Smoothie Bowl is a Verival's own invention. We have combined two of today's most popular breakfast trends to create a nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare breakfast dish. It combines the fruitiness and freshness of smoothies with the healthy properties of porridge and can be prepared and enjoyed cold or warm, depending on taste and season.

What is beta-glucan and why is it good for me?

Beta-glucan is a fibre with a special effect. A daily dose of 3g of beta-glucan has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels and has many health benefits. One of the main sources of beta-glucan is oats. One portion of porridge (50g) provides 1.67g of beta-glucan and therefore provides you with half your daily requirement of beta-glucan.

Is the Mango-Passion Fruit Porridge Smoothie Bowl sugar-free?

Our Bowl tastes wonderfully fruity - without any added sugar. However, it can't be called sugar-free, because the high fruit content, which makes the Porridge a Porridge Smoothie Bowl, logically brings (natural) fruit sugar with it. Basically, we are very careful with sugar, whether added or natural, and other sweeteners.

I have gluten intolerance. Can I eat the Mango-Passion Fruit Porridge Smoothie Bowl without hesitation?

Yes! Like all our gluten-free breakfast products, our two Porridge Smoothie Bowls are labelled with the gluten-free seal. Not only must the ingredients be gluten-free, but there are a number of steps that must be strictly followed before the porridge is made in our manufactory. This starts with the inspection of the seeds, continues with the inspection of the fields and ends with the cleaning of the combine harvesters, forklift trucks and the entire production plant. In this way, we ensure that even people with severe gluten intolerance can have a carefree breakfast.

How is the Porridge Smoothie Bowl Mango-Passion Fruit prepared?

In the warmer seasons, our Porridge Smoothie Bowl tastes wonderfully refreshing when stirred cold - use cold milk, a vegetable alternative or water to suit your taste. In autumn and winter, you can also prepare the exotic porridge mix as a warm oatmeal. Warm milk, plant based drinks or hot water are again suitable for this. Whether cold or hot, the Porridge Smoothie Bowl is ready to enjoy after only 1 minute of soaking.

Customer evaluation for "Mango-Passion Fruit Porridge Smoothie Bowl"
16 Jul 2021

Wie frische Früchte

Wow, schmeckt meiner Meinung nach 1:1 als würde man Mango und Maracuja frisch essen! Mein Geheimtipp: Ich gebe ein Stück dunkle Schokolade in die warmen Porridge, dann ist es ein halbwegs gesundes Dessert ;)

10 Jul 2021


Habe gesehen, dass es Smoothie Bowls gibt und halt eine zum Probieren dazu bestellt. Die Entdeckung! Unkompliziert, schnell und SOO GUT! Hab eben die zweite Sorte geordert und die Mango Bowl im 6er Pack nachbestellt.

17 Aug 2020

Super lecker

Super leckerer Porridge! Schmeckt fruchtig und nicht zu süß! Ideal wenn man mal keine Früchte zum toppen zu Hause hat.

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