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Add Sunshine to your Bowl with Citrus Fruits

January 11, 2016
  • Breakfast
Add Sunshine to your Bowl with Citrus Fruits

Oh, how we’re longing for summer and its abundance of fresh fruit while we sit here in our wool scarfs slurping many cups of hot tea. Luckily, there is one kind of fruit that tastes even better now than it does on warmer days: Citrus fruits from the south are in season right now and are reluctantly brightening our days with their lovely smell, their flavorful aroma and an extra helping of Vitamin C. In choosing organic fruits you can be sure that that your Vitamin boost is free from chemically synthesized sprays and artificial fertilizers, meaning that you can go ahead and use their delicious zest in as many ways as you please. Let us introduce you to some of our favorite fruits and give you some guidelines as to how to incorporate them into your daily breakfast routine:

Oranges and Blood Oranges

Good to know: Nowadays, oranges are a breakfast staple in many households. Orange juice, orange slices, orange smoothie – you name it! But not so long ago citrus fruits were a rare and expensive good while nowadays they are widely popular and rank amongst the most exported fruits and vegetables on the planet. Well-known varieties are Valencia and Navel Oranges, probably due to their sweetness, but blood oranges, too, have their loyal fans who celebrate the orange’s darker sibling for its tart taste and exquisite color.

How to eat them: in a salad using different kinds and topped with Orange Acerola Crunchy, as Chia Pudding with blood oranges and pistachios, as Overnight Oats soaked in orange juice, as dessert using cream cheese, orange filets and Spelt Bips with Honey, as healthy Millet Porridge with orange juice, zest and pieces or as French Toast soaked in a mix of orange juice and milk.


Good to know: tangerines from the Mediterranean enjoy their peak season in December and January. They are so easy to snack on and therefore a beloved lunch box addition. Tangerines are one of the oldest kinds of citrus and were a delicacy reserved to the emperor in ancient China.

How to eat them: as a topping for your Bircher Muesli, in single pieces on a stick dipped into yoghurt, nut butter and honey, poached in some water with cinnamon and ginger and served with vanilla flavored yoghurt and crunchy Cornflakes

Wie wär's denn mal mit Orangensaft übers Müsli statt nur dazu?

How ’bout some orange juice in your bowl instead of just with it?


Good to know: Clementines and Satsumas are hybrids between oranges and tangerines. They are usually seedless, smaller than other varieties and easy to peel & divide into wedges.

How to eat them: as parfait layered with some yoghurt and Crunchy, in a fruity Muesli Mandala, as a snack with some nuts or mixed with some mango and various seeds as Breakfast Smoothie


Good to know: Lemons are available all year long because lemon trees blossom very regularly from the main harvest in fall till spring. Only true purists eat them as they are but for the rest of us they make for an essential and welcome addition to many a meal from breakfast to dinner.

How to eat them: as lemon juice on your fruit salad and in your smoothie, as zesty addition to Rice Pudding and sweet curd, as Lemony Berry Overnight Oats, as Lemon Ginger Porridge or as Breakfast Muffins with lemon juice and poppy seeds


Good to know: grapefruits are a hybrid between oranges and shaddocks. Depending on the variety their color might range from pink to red or even white. Their acidity and bitterness are not everyone’s cup of tea but many praise them for their supposed caffeine-like qualities and as the perfect addition to their everyday breakfast.

How to eat them: cut in halves and eaten with a spoon like a kiwi, caramelized with some cinnamon and sugar and warm right out of the oven topped with some Crunchy, as Chia Pudding with a Grapefruit Coulis and maple syrup, as grapefruit slices in a cream cheese-filled bagel, as a refreshing fruit salad with some extra apples, pomegranate seeds and mint or as a posh caramelized topping on your favorite pancakes

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Ruckzuck-Rezept: Orange, Karotte, Ingwer und Cashewkerne mixen & mit Crunchy toppen

Quick’n’Easy: Mix orrange, carrot, ginger and cashew nuts and top with Crunchy

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