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Always a Must: Nuts in the Bowl

May 23, 2016
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Always a Must: Nuts in the Bowl

But how does one kind of nuts actually differ from another and are some of them botanically even considered “nuts”? We had a closer look at our breakfast friends’ most favourite ingredient. Let’s kick off our little “Guide of Nuts”- series, if you will, with an enlightening intro.

Is it really a nut or actually a fruit?

Botanically speaking, nuts must contain three lignified (meaning wooden) layers of “fruit-wall” which is the case for walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts and chestnuts. Almonds, cashews, coconut, pecans and pistachios, however, can not be considered nuts but are classified as stone fruit. But then again, what does it matter? They all taste great as an add-on to our muesli or in a delicious trail mix.


Eine Portion Glück: Haselnüsse

Eine Portion Glück: Haselnüsse

As explained above, hazelnuts are real nuts and they’re even amongst the oldest varieties in Europe. The plant is originally form the Turkish Black Sea Coast and was always very common – even as far back as in the Stone Age. There are two main varieties which produce different kinds of hazelnuts: a rounder variety (Zellernuss) and a narrower one (Lambertnuss), which make up for the majority of hazelnuts on the market. Also, hazelnuts have always been a symbol for piece, health and luck.


are ideal for: runners and endurance athletes, concentration, the backpack and a hiking rucksack, a quick energy kick

are full of: calcium, potassium and phosphor, B1, B2 and Vitamin E, the latter one being important for muscle and nerves. Even back in the Stone Age, hazelnuts were known as satisfying sources of energy. Nowadays, athletes love them for the carbohydrate-protein mix that they offer which acts as a natural energy booster. Just like walnuts, hazelnuts are the perfect brain food (concentration!) since they contain mostly unsaturated fats.

are contained in: hazelnuts, Bircher Muesli with Heritage Grains, Heritage Grains Muesli with Nuts, Cereal Box Heritage Grains Muesli with Nuts, Crunchy Mix with Fruits, Good Morning Organic Energy Mix

Mix-It-Tipp: using our Verival Mix-It-Mixer you can create your personalized combo of nuts and seeds, whip up the muesli of your dreams or even put together your favourite trail mix.

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