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Can I eat porridge for dinner?

June 22, 2020
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Can I eat porridge for dinner?

Porridge, the power breakfast made from oats, originally comes from Scotland and provides the human organism with a high concentration of complex carbohydrates that stabilize and saturate blood sugar levels. 

In addition, carbohydrates are healthy bioactive substances that bind cholesterol and reliably prevent ravenous appetite attacks. Oatmeal also contains numerous valuable vitamins and minerals that are immune-stimulating, anti-inflammatory, vitalising and regenerating.  

Proteins and fibre, which stimulate the production of new body cells and digestion, are also great benefits of high-quality oats.

Feel healthy & fit with Porridge

Consuming porridge regularly, which is easy on the stomach, fights the body’s own inflammatory reactions, boosts the immune system and stimulates the metabolism. 

At the same time, porridge lowers cholesterol levels, helps losing weight and promotes repairing mechanisms of the organism. Its high protein content supports muscle building and the synthesis of new body cells. 

Because of its health-promoting, satisfying and beneficial properties, oatmeal is one of the favourite breakfasts of health-conscious people all over the world. That is why Porridge is also extremely popular as a healthy dinner. 

The different ways to prepare oatmeal determine the nutrient and calorie content of the dish. Which toppings and liquids are used are totally responsible for the fat content. Oatmeal prepared with water contains comparatively fewer calories than porridge based on kefir, skyr, cow’s or vegetable milk. Toppings additionally increase both, the nutritional value and the calorie content. 

Why is porridge for dinner healthy too?

Because of its precious ingredients, the consumption of oats is very healthy, in the morning and in the evening. The high proportion of complex carbohydrates saturates for longer than average, stabilizes your blood sugar levels and reduces cravings for ravenous attacks in the evening. Especially people who are willing to lose weight benefit from this effect, as the lasting feeling of satiety curbs the uncontrolled consumption of snacks. 

Porridge zum Abendessen

Porridge for dinner also replenishes the body’s own nutrient stores in the evening, which, when well filled, ideally support the body’s repairing processes during the night. 

The consumption of protein-rich foods such as oatmeal, kefir, cow’s milk or vegetable milk encourages the human organism to release more of its own growth hormones during sleep. 

Such substances have ell-protecting effects and act like a gentle “rejuvenating cure” on the body. The vitamins and minerals in oats improve the exchange of nutrients and oxygen between individual cells and effectively slow down inflammatory reactions in muscles, skin and tissue. 

What are advantages of eating porridge for dinner?

Those who enjoy porridge for dinner refuel their body’s own nutrient stores shortly before going to bed, which support the entire organism in its regeneration and repairing processes. 

In addition, oatmeal for dinner stimulates the production of cell-protecting growth hormones. Porridge for dinner is therefore a potential “secret weapon” that accelerates the body’s natural regeneration, allows muscle fibres to grow comparatively faster and stimulates the formation of new body cells. 

What are disadvantages of eating porridge for dinner? 

In addition to cell-protective, anti-inflammatory bioactive substances, oats are very rich in fibre. Fibre stimulates the digestion and develops a gentle laxative effect, which makes it difficult to fall asleep. 

Can porridge also help with losing weight? 

Because of its antioxidant, satiating, immune-activating nutrients, porridge is an optimal base for a healthy breakfast or dinner. 

Porridge is rich in complex carbohydrates, which are digested comparatively slow by the human organism. Carbohydrate chains let the blood sugar level rise relatively gentle. This prevents fluctuations in blood sugar, which have been shown to promote ravenous appetite attacks, encourage uncontrolled eating behaviours and are counterproductive for weight loss. 

In addition, oats are important suppliers of fibre. They heat up the human metabolism in a verifiable way, accelerate fat burning and are perfect for losing weight in a healthy way. 

At the same time, fibre increases the volume of food in your stomach and intestines without having a high energy or calorie density. Because of these aspects, oatmeal actually helps with losing weight and reduces the risk of yo-yo effects. 

However, for sustainable weight reductions, it is important to avoid the consumption of oversized amounts of porridge. Therefore, 50g of oats are considered to be the upper limit for creating a meal that helps with gentle weight loss. In our Verival article “Losing weight with porridge – is that even possible?” we talk about this interesting topic in more detail. 

Which porridge varieties & preparations are suitable for dinner? 

Oat flakes & alternatives as basis 

The heart of classic porridge recipes is oatmeal. Alternatively, other cereals such as spelt, quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat can also be used for a healthy porridge.

Porridge toppings 


Toppings skillfully refine individual variations and maximize the nutrient content of the creations. To refine your porridge, for example, berries, peeled hemp seeds, ground flax seeds, chia seeds, nuts, Ceylon cinnamon, nut butter, tigernuts and native flax or hemp oil are suitable. 

A wide variety of ingredients helps to create high-quality oats. Be inspired by Verival’s rich assortment and create porridge recipes that improve your individual health and are a gentle “beauty cure”. 

Oats promote your digestive system

Oat flakes are indeed considered to be “versatile all-rounders” among all of the healthy cereal flakes. In contrast to other cereals, they are very rich, have a health-promoting nutrient profile, are relatively inexpensive and have been part of the group of healthy household remedies for gastrointestinal complaints since the 19th century. 

High quality ingredients in porridge 

100g oat flakes contain

  • 370 kilocalories 
  • 13g protein 
  • 63g complex carbohydrates 
  • 10g dietary fibre 
  • and 7g of fat.

In addition, oats contain vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and vitamin E, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, folic acid, copper, potassium and sodium. 

Those who continuously integrate oats into their meals improve their health of their skin, alleviate natural aging processes and stimulate hair growth. 

Porridge: Long lasting saturation 

Since breaking down complex carbohydrate chains take a long time, oat flakes saturate the human body continuously.

Fibre prevents contact between gastric juice and gastric mucosa, which is why oat flakes can be classified as gentle on the stomach. In addition, the fibre of oat flakes binds beta-glucan cholesterol from the blood. 

Consuming 40 g of oats per day is sufficient for this purpose. Porridge based on spelt & co. is an important source of invigorating nutrients that have been proven to promote health. 

Oat flakes

For mueslis, soups and bakery products. It is a spelt grain, but there are...

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