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Should You Have Breakfast: Yes or No?

January 27, 2016
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Some get up one hour earlier to have enough time to enjoy their first meal of the day, while others nearly have to force themselves to have a cup of tea or coffee first thing in the morning. So is there some truth to the well-known myth of needing to have a “good morning ritual” of sorts and is having breakfast really beneficial to our health? Axel Dinse, nutritionist from Urban Health Concept, explains, „Having breakfast is somewhat part of our system, our biological rhythm. Therefore, it’s unhealthy to skip it! A healthy diet starts with breakfast in the morning – the rest, if you will, is damage control.” He promotes a very holistic view of the human body and health when coaching his active, urban clients. And, of course, what we eat – apart from physical activity and mental hygiene – is an important part of that.

Mag. Axel Dinse

Mag. Axel Dinse



Axel’s advice? “What’s important is that we feed our body a bouquet of nutrients that give us energy, strengthen us and supply vitamins and minerals for our cells to work with. Grains, whether as muesli or porridge, do all of that, especially when combined with nuts, seeds, dried and fresh fruit.”

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