Start the year healthy with our new prebiotic porridge

Start Into a New School Year with Yanick & Fee

September 2, 2015
  • Breakfast
Start Into a New School Year with Yanick & Fee

Every year, it’s exciting for both parents and kids alike when the start of the new term rolls around in September and it’s time again for a joint morning routine. A comfy breakfast might help smooth things out which recent studies actually confirm: a balanced morning meal helps kids to stay focused and alert for a longer amount of time. Our little breakfast friends, especially, need energy in the morning to refuel since, by nature, they tend to get exhausted much quicker than grown ups. Plus, what’s more fun than eating a colourful breakfast together? Morning grouches no more!

Combined with either milk, yoghurt, curd and fresh fruit of your offspring’s choosing, our new Yanick & Fee Cereals for Kids make for the perfect energetic start to a new thrilling year at school. Naturally coloured puffed wheat combined with dried fruit in our Frucht Bips and the crispy chocolate mix with nougat-filled pockets in our Schokomax taste great both in the breakfast bowl and in kiddo’s lunch box as a nutritious snack.

It’s got pupils’ approval: Our two new mixtures Yanick & Fee have been thoroughly tested and refined with and by the pupils of Langkampfen Elementary School in Tyrol from the start until the finished product. That was one rigorous testing, let us tell you, but it’s now 100% child-approved.

Die neuen Kindercerealien von Verival

The New Verival Cereals for Kids

Cereal Lunch Box Style: Tips for Mixing it Up

1. Home-made Crispy Mix: Pack the Cereal and the yoghurt in two different boxes, so that the Muesli can stay crispy right up until break time. Add some nuts for an extra helping of protein, nutrients and crunch.

2. Nutritious Muesli Cookies: Muesli can serve as the perfect base for hearty, flour-less cookies that are a tasty nutritious snack for a mid-morning break.

3. Fruity Fun: Brown pieces of fruit? Not any more: Put them on small spears or tooth picks and drizzle with some orange juice or use them as an ingredient in a home-made fruit yoghurt with no extra sweeteners. Any kind of berries, bananas, grapes, apples, pears, peaches or nectarines will do a great job.

Ein kindgerechter guter Morgen mit Yanick & Fee

A Suitable Start to Your Kids’ Morning with Yanick & Fee

4.Like the cool kids: You don’t necessarily need to make your kids bring a cooler bag to school. Just use thermo mugs or bowls which will keep their content perfectly chilled for a couple of hours.

5. All hail the freezer: Want in on the secret? Freeze some yoghurt overnight and put it in the lunch box just before your kids head out. It will be all smooth and ready to eat until snack time while still being slightly chilled. Awesome!

6. Quick Energy Bars: Muesli Bars are a classic for a reason. Make your own variations using your kids’ favourite ingredients from different types of grains to dried fruits, nuts, seeds and even spices – anything is possible.

Happy New School Year, Everyone!

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