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VERIVAL Breakfast Quiz: Tyrol

January 11, 2018
  • Breakfast

Tyrol without VERIVAL would be just like breakfast without muesli. And since, after so many years, we’re still absolutely delighted about our production site in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, we would like to teach you a little more about our Province with the help of a short quiz.

The solutions can be found at the very bottom of this page – just jot down your guesses and check out the correct answers afterwards to find out how much you already know about Tyrol!

Psssst… some of the answers might be hidden here in a short overview of our philosophy and history

1. We are a genuine, traditional Tyrolean company – and proud of it! But since when do we produce our delicious organic breakfast already?

a. Since 1999
b. Since 1984
c. Since 2002
d. Since 1993

2. There are nine Provinces in Austria. If you sorted them by the size of their area, what would be the rank of Tyrol?

a. 6th
b. 2nd
c. 3rd
d. 9th

3. What is the capital of Tyrol?

a. Innsbruck
b. Klagenfurt
c. Kufstein
d. Bregenz

4. About a hundred years ago, Tyrol was separated in three parts. What are they called?

a. East, West and South Tyrol
b. North, West and South Tyrol
c. North, West and East Tyrol
d. North, East and South Tyrol

5. What’s the name of the town where our manufacture is located?

a. Kufstein
b. Innsbruck
c. Langkampfen
d. Wörgl

6. In which area is Tyrol the absolute front runner among the Austrian Provinces?

a. With regard to the number of inhabitants
b. With regard to the number of overnight stays
c. With regard to the number of nurseries
d. With regard to the number of foxes

7. How large is our production site in Tyrol?

a. 15,000 m2
b. 22,000 m2
c. 71,000 m2
d. 32,000 m2

No matter if you are already a real expert of Tyrol or if you could learn a little more about it with the help of this quiz, we are happy that you participated 

















Solutions: 1: b, 2: c, 3: a, 4: d, 5: c, 6: b, 7: d

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