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Good Morning Mountain Talk with Austrian Blogger BeRoSa GoGreen

April 4, 2018
  • Mindful Morning
Good Morning Mountain Talk with Austrian Blogger BeRoSa GoGreen

For us at Verival, Austria and the mountains simply belong together, just like muesli belongs on our breakfast table. 🙂 Everyone who’s gotten to know the Austrian mountains has their own story to tell. That’s why we met with Austrian blogger and mountain enthusiast BeRosa GoGreen for our series “Good Morning Mountain Talks”, to find out more about her personal mountain story.


1# What do mountains mean to you?

Above all else freedom, taking up a challenge and a great fascination. Although I have been to so many mountains, every single time I’m fascinated anew when I reach the top.


2# Do you prefer mountains in summer or winter?

I love the mountains no matter what season! The snow in winter creates this very unique atmosphere, which can make me feel like being on a different planet – in a fairytale or Narnia 😀 And I love about summer, that I don’t have to get up as early to go on my hiking trips and that you can get higher up the mountains, as I try to avoid climbing routes in winter.


3# What’s your favourite power breakfast before heading for the mountains?

The right breakfast is definitely key for a successful mountain tour. At the moment I can’t get enough of the Verival Crunchy Muesli with Orange and Acerola. I love it so much, I don’t even need to have any kind of vegan milk with it, I just eat it straight out of the box. During winter I switch to warm breakfast and enjoy a bowl of Strawberry-Chia or Blueberry-Apple Porridge before heading to a new adventure.


4# What’s always in your backpack when you go on a mountain trip?

My camera!


5# Is there a life lesson that only mountains can teach you?

Definitely yes! I believe that I’ve really gotten to know myself on my hiking trips. I realized that it takes nothing but the right mindset to reach your goals. The mountains teach you how to be humbled and amazed. I’ve always been ambitious and had a lot of stamina, but the mountains have shaped these traits in a very special and new way. I have gotten to know my limits and how to keep my high spirits under control (at least most of the time :D).


6# Which of your alpine experiences has shaped you the most?

Last year, when I was only a few meters away from the mountain top on a winter hiking trip, I fell at a sharp drop and then, three months later, conquered the very same peak that had almost killed me.


7# Do you prefer to be alone or hike in company?

What a difficult question! I really love to be alone and have the mountain all to myself. At the same time I love to share the experience and the euphoria when you reach the top. I most enjoy hiking with my boyfriend or my girlfriends, who are just as much into hiking as I am.


#8 Beach holiday or hiking trip?

Maybe a combination of both? – No, actually I don’t really care as long as there are some kind of adventures in store – just chilling is really not my thing.


#9 What’s more important to you, the journey or the mountain peak as your destination? 

Of course it would be far more philosophical to say that the journey is the destination, but I have to admit, that reaching the mountain peak is really what matters most to me. Especially if the journey was difficult, the peak becomes even more important.


Check out BeRoSa GoGreen’s blog to find out where her next hiking trip is taking her: And if you’d like to read more mountain stories, click here for the interview with Austrian runner Katharina Zipser.

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