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Lose weight with nuts

April 28, 2020
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Lose weight with nuts

Nuts used to have a bad reputation and were said to be too fat and high in calories for a healthy diet. But this has now changed. If you want to lose weight without starving, you should go for almonds, cashews and other nuts. In this blog post you will learn why nuts are healthy and why, although they contain a lot of fat, they are still suitable for losing weight. We will especially focus on the nuts that are most suitable for a diet.

Why are nuts so healthy?

Before we turn our attention to the subject of losing weight, we will look into the question of why nuts are actually so healthy. Almonds, hazelnuts and others contain many valuable nutrients, including:

  • Proteins, which are responsible for the maintenance and development of musculature
  • Fibres support the gastrointestinal tract and ensure a stable blood sugar level
  • Vitamins activate the metabolism, have an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory effect. They also support our organs, immune system, nervous system and skeletal muscles.
  • Minerals are important for healthy bones and teeth as well as the thyroid gland, blood formation and the immune system.

Nuts contain a lot of healthy fat

In addition to proteins, fibres, vitamins and minerals, nuts contain one thing above all: fat. As already mentioned, nuts have a high fat content and therefore also many calories. However, it must be remembered that these are not bad fats, such as those found in sausages or sweets, but healthy unsaturated fatty acids.

The proportion of these healthy fatty acids is particularly high in nuts. One of them is the so-called omega-3 fatty acid, which has anti-inflammatory effects, supports the blood supply and promotes brain performance.

How do nuts help you to lose weight?

Now we know that nuts are definitely healthy and should not be missing in any diet. But how do they support a diet?

Because of the high proportion of fats, proteins and fibre in nuts you are satiated for a long time and do not experience ravenous hunger attacks. This way you don’t have to eat unhealthy snacks in between. The nuts reduce the appetite for sweets.

Another reason that speaks for almonds, cashews and other nuts is that the body does not really absorb all the calories of the nut.

For a low carb diet, the macadamia and brazil nut are especially important, since these two contain the least carbohydrates.

Now we would like to take a closer look at almonds, walnuts and cashews, as their properties make them particularly interesting for losing weight.

Nuts keep you satiated for a long time. 

The almond as slimming agent

A handful of almonds already has 180 calories and yet this nut is part of a healthy diet. Considering the fat, fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals in nuts, the almond is the healthiest one.

We already mentioned that not all calories are absorbed by nuts. With almonds, for example, only two thirds are absorbed, and the rest is excreted.

Almonds also lead to a long-lasting feeling of satiety due to their many fats and proteins. So, if you feel like having a snack between meals, reach for a handful of almonds instead of chocolate or cookies. It should be noted that you should not eat too many almonds, as they are still high in calories.

Losing weight with the walnut

Walnuts also have a high fat content. They consist of 60 percent fat. But they can also help you reduce weight. And not only because keep you satiated for a long time.

Researchers have discovered that the nuts change the perception of food in the brain. The walnut makes us less inclined to eat high-fat food. As a result, we generally eat less and lose weight. Remember to not eat more than 25g of walnuts per day.

Beautiful both inside and outside with the cashew

Strictly speaking, the cashew is not a nut at all, but a drupe. However, it has very similar characteristics to other nuts.

But one property makes the cashew special. Not only does it fill you up, it also has a positive influence on your mood. The kernels contain the amino acid tryptophane, a precursor of serotonin, which has a mood-lifting effect.

Cashews also have the lowest fat content and therefore the fewest calories, compared to other nuts.

Cashews work best in the morning together with carbohydrates, such as oat flakes.

3 tips to help you lose weight with nuts

Start the day with a handful of nuts

Eating nuts in the morning can help control hunger for up to 12 hours. You should no longer suffer from hunger attacks and thus have to resort less to unhealthy snacks. It is best to include the nuts as a topping in your breakfast.

It’s best to eat nuts raw

One more tip: make sure you eat the nuts raw. Almonds should definitely be eaten with their brown shells, because this is where the nutrients are contained. You should also avoid roasted or salted nuts.

Conscious eating

Make sure to not just snack nuts on the side and especially not with the whole pack of nuts next to you. Take out a handful consciously eat them. This way you avoid eating too many nuts at once.

So, from now on, you can replace the fat you have been covering with unhealthy fats with the healthy fatty acids from nuts.

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