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Verival Vegan Challenge #1: Ready, set, go!

June 22, 2018
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Verival Vegan Challenge #1: Ready, set, go!

The vegan community is growing and growing – that can hardly be overlooked anymore. How strong this trend really is, is shown by an observation of the top nutrition trends on Facebook in 2017. 57.1% of all Austrian user postings on nutrition deal with veganism. For us (and especially our co-worker Annalena) reason enough to take an inside-out-perspective for a month.

Annalena therefore decided to go on a plant-based diet for a month in July in order to find out at first hand, what that actually means. Here, she explains to us why she’s starting that self-experiment and what she expects to learn from it:

How it all “vegan“…

“Out of various (ethical and environmental) reasons I’ve been a on a vegetarian diet for 10 years now. With the strong development of veganism in the last couple of years, also my curiosity has been increasing to take the next step and try out a vegan diet. After months of evaluating and finding excuses for myself, I finally decided to use my “veggie” anniversary as a reason to challenge myself.“


“These are the questions that I would like to be able to answer after the vegan challenge on July 31st:

  • How does the vegan diet in general work for me?
  • Can I imagine switching to a vegan diet on a long-term basis?
  • How hard is it for me to give up on certain foods?
  • Does the change of diet have an impact on my (mental and physical) well-being?
  • How do the people in my environment react?
  • Am I confronted with prejudices and if yes, which ones?
  • Did I (have to) make exceptions or was I able to complete the vegan challenge “flawlessly”?
  • What part do substitute products play for me?“

Don’t cry over (spilt) milk

“As with all (nutrition- and health-related) subjects, opinions also differ when it comes to milk. Therefore, looking at it entirely independently from medical aspects: Since childhood, I’ve been a milk lover – of its taste as well as consistency. I’ve loved it as a hot chocolate, as yogurt and in my breakfast cereal. Today, I still like my coffee with milk, which is in fact the only reason, why I haven’t tried veganism before. Not a surprise that giving up milk entirely seems to be the biggest challenge for me at this point. But, I’m really curious whether after this 1-month-milk-withdrawal, I can imagine to give up milk and dairy forever.“

If you’d like to find out about how Annalena deals with her life as a vegan, the insights she gains and her favourite vegan recipes, then you better visit our blog here soon again!

And if you have – additionally to Annalena’s own – any more questions concerning the vegan challenge, we are more than happy to answer them on Facebook or directly here on the blog 🙂

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