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Verival Vegan Challenge #3 – Half-time!

July 18, 2018
  • Breakfast
Verival Vegan Challenge #3 – Half-time!

Day 18 of the Verival Vegan Challenge has come. That means, it’s already been two and a half weeks since our co-worker Annalena has switched to a vegan diet. Today, she honestly writes about her first findings and little obstacles.

The force of habit

„On my flight to England, a little inattentiveness almost had me mess up the vegan challenge on the second day. On flights, I usually have black tea with milk, so when the flight attendant asked me – after I had ordered – whether I would like to have my tea with lemon or milk, I automatically responded ‘Milk, please!’, just to quickly and hectically add: ‘No, lemon, LEMON, please!’

Another time, I unfortunately reacted a little too late. A colleague had brought nut crescents to the office and I had a bite without even thinking about it. That might have happened due to the fact that as a vegetarian I rarely had to worry about desserts. Little incidents like that happen, so I decided not to get annoyed at myself, but to rather learn from it.

Are any of those cakes vegan?

Vegan Label

Vegan Label

Something that vegans definitely must get used to, is that they actively have to ask for information in cafés, restaurants, bakeries etc. Are any of those cakes vegan? Are those spaghetti vegan? What is not vegan about this as ‘vegetarian’ and ‘dairy-free’ labelled dish? In my experience, waiters, cooks and baristas expect those questions and are happy to provide you with the details.

Also when shopping for groceries, it’s inevitable to have a closer look at the ingredients of some products. For example, I didn’t know if or which bread for toasting is vegan or also that, according to the recipe, many sweets are vegan. The Vegan Label is really helping me there, because it allows me to find out at a first glance that a product is plant-based, without having to scrutinise the list of ingredients.

More or less surprising findings

As already explained in the last blog post, breakfast is for me the easiest vegan dish of the day. I like muesli, porridge and granola just as much with plant-based products as with animal products. My favourites are by the way cashew and soya drink respectively soya and coconut yoghurt. Regarding coffee, I must say that my body tolerates it a lot better just black or with plant-based drink instead of milk. At the beginning, there was a little adjustment necessary regarding the taste, but by now, I have gotten used to it and am very happy with it.”

If you missed out on part 1 and 2 of the Verival Vegan blog post series, you can read here why Annalena decided to start the vegan challenge in the first place and what she had expected from it beforehand.  And here you’ll find her favourite vegan breakfast recipe! Also, if you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us here on the blog or on Facebook 🙂

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