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15 Valid Reasons to Get Up in the Morning

June 10, 2015
  • Breakfast
15 Valid Reasons to Get Up in the Morning

There are plenty of excuses to stay in bed which all get intensified when the it’s all wet, cold and gloomy outside. There are, however, plenty of reasons that are worth getting up! Let us give you our Top 15:

  1. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and the first sip out of a steaming cup.
  2. The feeling of warmth spreading through your body when you get into the shower in the morning.
  3. Putting on that one outfit you’ve been wanting to wear for ages.
  4. Going for a light jog through the city while it’s slowly waking up.
  5. Listening to your favourite good-morning playlist.
  6. The smile of the person waking up next to you.
  7. That feeling that’s its a brand new day where everything is possible.
  8. Looking forward to a meet-up with a friend at that place you both love so much.
  9. Being surprised by the shining sun or – in case of really bad weather – looking at our inspiring good-morning snaps on Pinterest.
  10. Eating your favourite muesli out of your favourite bowl with your favourite spoon.
  11. Enjoying the silence before the storm.
  12. Getting into a good-morning routine by reciting an inspiring quote, a poem dear to you or even an affirmation.
  13. Getting a text or a call from a person you cherish and being happy that they are thinking of you so early in the day.
  14. Snuggeling up in your favourite chair to inhale that magazine, newspaper or book you’ve been wanting to get to.
  15. Saluting the day with a gentle yoga session at home, breathing, connecting, getting ready for the day ahead.

On that note: Good Morning, peeps!

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