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Vegan Guide: No (Plant) Milk Today!

June 16, 2015
  • Breakfast
Vegan Guide: No (Plant) Milk Today!

Well, they might go for plant-based alternatives, such as soy milk or soy yoghurt. And even though you can already choose from a great variety of products not everyone loves the taste, so we put together a list of things that might just become your new favourite ingredient – whether you are vegan or not!

Nut milks: made out of soaked, cooked and filtered almonds, cashews, hazelnut (slightly chocolat-y!), coconut, etc. / can add a lovely nutty aroma to your morning dish!

Grain milks: based on oat, millet, wheat, einkorn, rice, etc., typically with some added oil to resemble the texture of regular milk / sweeter than nut milks because of fermentation.

Fruit juice: never thought of that? What is often a vegan-last-resort option for when you’re at a hotel can make for an exciting difference. Try pineapple juice and boom – you’re on exotic muesli island!

Fruit purée or mash: if you already like adding a lot of fruit into your muesli why not try this for a smoother texture. Apple is a classic, of course, but you could also try mango, berries or banana.

Nut butter: this has got to be one of our favourite ones: try some almond or cashew butter with your Bircher Muesli instead of milk or yoghurt and, well, dig in. Soooo good!

Smoothies: are all the rage at the moment. So hop on the smoothy train and top it off with your favourite muesli or crunchy! Head on over to for lots of tasty recipes.

Compote: fruit is easier on digestion if you let it cook for a short amount of time. Add some spices, sugar or syrup and voilà! The perfect fruity pool for your muesli to bathe in. Want more instructions? Have a look at what Meliha has to show us on her blog.

Have fun mixing and matching!

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