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Good morning from London

January 10, 2020
  • Good Morning from
  • Good Morning from
Good morning from London

In our series „Good morning from…” we introduce you to our favourite breakfast places in different cities. Our colleague Victoria is a big London fan and loves having breakfast in this metropolis. Today she introduces you to her favourite places. Some of them are even available several times in London, so that no matter where you are, you can enjoy a great breakfast just around the corner.

The Breakfast Club

The first breakfast place that should not be missing on the list is “The Breakfast Club”. The first venue of this kind was built in 2005 on D’Arblay Street in Soho, London. The front was painted yellow and it was decorated with objects that the two owners, 2 children of the 80s, had in their rooms when they were younger. 

Now there are already 6 cafés in London where you can have breakfast and lunch. At 6 other locations of the Breakfast Club you can dine all day long and 5 bars are also part of the Breakfast Club. The cafés are almost all located in and around London and by no means resemble the first model. According to the owners, there is a location for everyone, from the small bright yellow restaurant in Soho to the Wigan Casino style café at Canary Wharf. For all those who do not know what the Wigan Casino was: it was one of the most famous nightclubs in the world, which was based in Manchester between the 1960s and 1981.

But what do you have for breakfast at The Breakfast Club? The menu includes classics like Eggs Benedict, pancakes and porridge, as well as new creations like avocado sandwiches. For those with a sweet tooth, we especially recommend the Pancakes & Berries – delicious pancakes with fresh berries and maple syrup.

Address: 33 D’Arblay Street, Soho, London, W1F 8EU 

Where the pancakes are

The restaurant “Where the pancakes are” can also be found in London, south of the Thames. It offers pancakes in numerous variations – sweet, savoury, classic, extraordinary, small and large. There are also many vegetarian and vegan options.

There may be waiting times here too, but during the week and in the evening, you can reserve a table! This is why we recommend you to stop by at this café during the week.

We also had sweet pancakes and found them very tasty! However, as already mentioned, there are also various savoury pancakes, for example with halloumi, sausages, eggs, sauce Hollandaise, tomatoes, mushrooms and much more.

Address: Arch 35a, 85a Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0NQ

39 steps coffee

The restaurant 3”9 steps coffee” can be found at 3 locations in and around London. One is located in Soho, one in Knightsbridge and one in Woolwich, which is in the east of London. We tested the restaurant in Soho mainly because the queue at “The Breakfast Club” was too long that day. We looked around for an alternative and found the 39 steps coffee. The café is very sweet, and the best thing is that you get a table after only some minutes of waiting.

You can order and pay immediately at the cash desk and the food and drinks get served to your table. This saves you from having to call the waiter after the meal and you can leave the restaurant at any time!

The café specializes in coffee – only the best coffee seeds are selected and planted to produce the best sustainable coffee. The restaurant offers 10 different types of espresso, which can also be enjoyed with soy, almond or oat milk. The café also offers numerous cold coffees, which are especially refreshing in summer.

Besides drinks, there are also numerous dishes such as pancakes, granola, avocado on toast, sandwiches and various types of egg. And maybe we should have called this blog post “Pancakes from London”, because we tried the super delicious peach jam pancakes.

Address: 8 D’Arblay Street, Soho, London, W1F 8DP

Muriel’s kitchen

Another insider tip: Muriel’s Kitchen! This cute restaurant is located in South Kensington and you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at this place. We tested the breakfast and really enjoyed it very much. We were particularly impressed by the unique and modern interior design.

At this place we also had to wait for a table – but do you want to know what the great thing is? You could sign up on a list and as soon as a table became available you received a message on your phone. This way we could walk through South Kensington during the waiting time and even discovered the South Kensington Farmer’s Market.

In Muriel’s Kitchen, named after the grandmother of one of the owners, we treated ourselves to the power porridge, which could be enjoyed hot or cold. Also, the banana bread on the table next to us looked delicious and we definitely have to try it the next time!

So, if you’re staying near South Kensington, be sure to stop by at Muriel’s Kitchen for a delicious breakfast. And the best thing about it? The dishes are freshly prepared, and the ingredients come from regional sources.

Address: 1-3 Pelham Street, South Kensington, London, SW7 2ND

JOLT Coffee

Café Jolt is located in Central London, close to Oxford Street and Oxford Circus. The café is especially popular for its delicious coffee. The place serves the classics like espresso, americano, macchiato and cappuccino. However, we especially noticed the cafe lattes. These are available in different extraordinary flavours. We have tried pistachio and can highly recommend it to all nut lovers.

So, if you’re on Oxford Street, need a little shopping break and don’t want to visit the nearest Starbucks be sure to stop by at Jolt’s place!

Address: 40-41 Great Castle St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 8LU

Cereal Killer Café 

For all Cereal Killers among you we have a special surprise – the Cereal Killer Café. In London there are already 2 of them – one on Brick Lane, in the east of London, and one on Camden Market, a real tourist magnet. The two restaurants serve cereals not only with milk and in a bowl, but also as chicken, ice cream, alcohol or milkshake. The two cafés offer a great 90s flair for young and old.

Conclusion: If you have to leave the Verival breakfast at home for once… the Cereal Killer Café is definitely a good option.

Address: Mezz 2, Camden Stables Market, Chalkfarm Road, London, NW1 8AH

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  • First mix all dry ingredients. Put the flour, vanilla sugar, baking powder and a pinch of salt together in the bowl.
  • Next, add the milk or vegetable drink and the agave syrup to the dry ingredients and mix well.
  • Leave the mixture for about 10 minutes.
  • You can also prepare a pan while waiting, heat it up and put some oil in the pan.
  • Then place the dough in portions in a pan (use a ladle) and fry the pancakes for 2-3 minutes on each side until they are golden brown.
  • Finally, pour the fresh fruit over the finished pancakes and sprinkle them with the delicious Verival Berry Crunchy. As a delicious sauce you can also take some maple syrup or agave syrup.

You would like to share your favourite London breakfast place with us? Just message us on Instagram or Facebook!

You can find more breakfast spots from all over the world on our blog under “Good morning from…”.

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