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Muesli, Crunchy or Granola – which will it be?

April 8, 2016
  • Breakfast
Muesli, Crunchy or Granola – which will it be?


Origins: You want to know who invented it? ‘t was the Swiss! More accurately so a young doctor named Maximilian Bircher-Brenner who advised his patients to consume a meal based on soaked grains, grated apple, lemon juice, milk and nuts on a daily basis.

We love it for: its raw, natural state, the amount of colourful ingredients that give us a happiness boost in the morning, the sheer variety of (heritage) grains that can serve as a base and their tender bite

Tastes great with: milk, plant based drinks or yoghurt, soaked in hot water or milk as overnight oats, sprinkled with seeds and nuts

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Granola-licious: Verival's Granola with Blueberries

Granola-licious: Verival’s Granola wit Blueberries

Origins: It’s true, Granola is originally from the States and, like so many famous food trends, was born in New York. Once Dr. Jackson developed his “Granula” – a baked whole wheat dough intended for crumbling and soaking – it didn’t take long before John H. Kellogg brought his version, baked grain flakes, called “Granola”, on the market. Thanks to some health conscious hippies, our modern Granola now also contains nuts and fruit.

We love it for: its crispy texture, delicate sweetness (from honey, fruit or maple syrup) and, of course, for the nuts which release their marvellous aroma even better when baked

Tastes great with: a creamy Greek yoghurt, pure as a healthy snack to nibble on, sprinkled on a smoothie or paired with a fruit salad

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This kind of "crunches" we love: Verival Crunchies

This kind of “crunches” we love: Verival Crunchies

Origins: Crispy, puffed and sweetened cereals other than cornflakes and granola gained popularity only as late as in the 1930ies. Due to their creative packaging (think cute mascots) they soon took over the shelves and are now widely admired by kids.

We love it for: its grain-y, yet sweet taste and for its crunchy clusters of grains that make our breakfast oh-so-much crispier

Tastes great on: a fresh fruit salad, smoothies and milk shakes, paired with a basic muesli mix, combined with milk or plant milk, as dessert or fondue dipping prop or even just pure

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