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Learn to Love to Run in 12 Steps

April 12, 2016
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Learn to Love to Run in 12 Steps

1. Run with joy and because you want to yourself.

2. Define your goals – no matter what they look like. Why? Because it’s always better to run towards something instead of just running.

3. Know when to rest. If you train when you already feel tired, drained or – even worse – sick you’ll run the risk of hurting yourself. No pun intended.

4. Variety is the spice of life! Switch it up your routine so you’ll never get bored.

Katharina loves to choose different routes for running.

Katharina loves to choose different routes for running.

5. Go, Team! Running in solitude can be a very relaxing activity; some even compare it to meditation. Other times, however, it’s fun to get together with like-minded peeps and run as a team.

6. Don’t skip a beat. Calm, relaxing songs are great for a regenerative run but go for a mixed playlist on a long run and upbeat rhythmic tunes when doing interval trainings. What’s important are the beats per minute (bmp). Ideally, the rhythm of the music matches your pulse.

7. Where to? It can be quite the experience to try out something different from your usual neighbourhood route. How about a run through a forest or even a trail run? Those make for a great addition to your (half-)marathon-training plan since they will boost your coordination skills and endurance.

8. You are what you eat. A balanced diet will help you improve tremendously – especially when you’re already into a regular training routine. Opt for a little bite to eat right after your run (energy bar, banana, nuts, berries and/or a electrolyte beverage or fruit juice) to help your body regenerate faster. 

Katharina is nuts about running – and nuts

Katharina is nuts about running – and nuts

9. Ever heard of the ABC of running? Add knee lifts, heel ups, skipping and different kinds of jumps to your workout.

10. Choose the right shoe. Take your time and let professionals help you with choosing the optimal running shoes. Since running is typically a very low-budget sport it won’t hurt to invest in a good pair. By the way: your shoe will keep you going for about 1.000 km. After that, it’s time to move on.

11. Running is a full body workout. Don’t leave your legs hanging! Training your upper body regularly will not only strengthen your core and give you a more defined look but will also help you to keep a good posture while running.

12. Run, rest, repeat. Take care of yourself: stretching (fasciae!), massages, sauna, etc. will contribute to making your training even more effective.

Check out one of Katharina’s favourite snacks for runners: VERIVAL’s Organic Energy Mix with whole hazelnuts, coconut chips and whole fruity cranberries that provide you with an extra portion of energy.

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