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6 reasons why a warm breakfast is so healthy

April 26, 2022
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6 reasons why a warm breakfast is so healthy

Warm breakfasts are a tradition in many cultures. From Ayurvedic teachings to Traditional Chinese Medicine, a warm meal is a cornerstone. And rightly so. Because warm breakfasts, such as porridge, bring a whole host of health benefits to you and your body. In this article, we will take a closer look at exactly what these are.

Have a warm breakfast with organic porridge

Eating a warm breakfast can sound a little strange to some people. But if you’re used to only eating warm at lunchtime, you’re missing out. Because a warm breakfast not only tastes good, it also weighs less on the stomach. What else it does to the body and what benefits warm food in the morning brings will be discussed in detail later.

But now for all those who rarely eat a warm breakfast: What does a warm meal in the morning actually look like? If you now think of warm milk with cornflakes, you are already getting closer to the idea – but in fact, there are numerous recipe ideas that not only go quickly but also taste particularly good.

Porridge, for example, makes an excellent warm breakfast. The porridge is traditionally prepared with hot water or milk. It doesn’t matter whether you use hot water to make porridge and let the oats steep, or whether you boil the delicious mixture with milk – the result is the same. A tasty and easily digestible start to the day.

Warm breakfast in TCM

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), breakfast is often referred to as the centrepiece of nutritional teachings. This is because, according to TCM, the stomach is most active between 7 and 9 am. Therefore, it is a good idea to offer the body its first meal at this time.

However, in TCM, the what is just as important as the when. This is exactly where a warm breakfast comes in. If you heat up your food in the morning, for example when preparing a porridge, you are doing your stomach a great favour. Because with a warm breakfast according to TCM, your body no longer has to warm up the food, but gets the food directly as it needs it.

6 good reasons for a warm breakfast

But warm breakfasts are not only popular in traditional Chinese medicine – athletes also swear by them. We will now take a look at the advantages of a warm breakfast for athletes and why it could also be good for you. For this purpose, we have worked out six reasons why a warm breakfast should also be part of your daily diet.

1. Activates the metabolism

When considering the functions of the warm breakfast from the TCM perspective, one should always pay attention to the so-called internal organ clock. According to it, the stomach works most actively between 7 and 9 o’clock in the morning. It, therefore, makes sense to have breakfast during this time.

After the stomach has made its contribution to digestion, according to TCM it is the turn of the spleen. It converts the food into energy (Qi). If you follow the TCM organ clock in your diet, you can activate your metabolism in a targeted way and benefit from an increased sense of well-being and sufficient energy.

2. Improves the absorption of nutrients

Certain nutrients are difficult for the body to absorb in their raw state. Especially in the case of plant foods, it is advisable to warm them up briefly. This is because the cellulose present in plant cell walls cannot be broken down by humans.

By heating the food, however, they are broken down at an early stage, which means that the nutrients they contain, such as vitamins, can be better absorbed. 3.

3. Provides long-lasting energy

Because your body does not have to heat up your warm breakfast, it saves some energy. In addition, a warm organic porridge provides long-lasting energy.

The complex carbohydrates and dietary fibres contained in oats ensure that they are better absorbed into the bloodstream and the energy is only released gradually. This means you have enough energy for a long time and don’t have to worry about feeling tired.

4. Optimises your blood sugar level

If you eat your breakfast, for example, porridge, warm, the dietary fibres in the oats swell up and can thus unfold their full effect. This means that they slow down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream and thus ensure a stable blood sugar level. This can not only prevent diabetes and obesity, but also cravings.

Hafer steckt voller gesunder Ballaststoffe und komplexer Kohlenhydrate
Oats are full of healthy fibre and complex carbohydrates. Oats are especially predestined for warm breakfasts.

5. Easy to digest

When you heat up your first meal of the day, your body doesn’t have to bring the food to operating temperature. This means it can be processed more quickly and will sit less in your stomach. This ensures you feel full, but not overstuffed or bloated.

6. Warm breakfast strengthens your immune system

Your body’s defences depend on a functioning gastrointestinal system. If it doesn’t function properly, fewer nutrients are absorbed and you are more susceptible to infections. If, on the other hand, the food is easy to digest and the nutrients can be absorbed optimally, a warm breakfast can strengthen your immune system.

To get the most out of the health benefits of a warm breakfast, make sure you get into the habit of eating warm meals. This way, you’ll be well attuned, have delicious recipes on hand quickly and ensure a healthy gastrointestinal tract in the long term. This in turn ensures long-lasting energy and a strong immune system.

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