Start the year healthy with our new prebiotic porridge

Start Your Day Right with Porridge for Breakfast

August 31, 2015
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Start Your Day Right with Porridge for Breakfast

Not only is the feeling of warmth spreading through your body almost unbeatable, but having porridge for breakfast is actually also highly recommended by diet experts because of its great nutritional profile. It’s full of protein, vitamins and fibre that give us enough energy to tackle our day. In addition, porridge is rather easy on the digestive system and satiates well and long. That saves you from getting sudden hunger pangs somewhere between breakfast and lunch.

Originally, porridge was a Germanic’s favourite, a people that cultivated oat even back in 2000 BC to prepare their creamy bowl of mush which featured prominently at every meal. Finally, the Romans brought oat to the British Islands where porridge triumphantly took over Scotland. Up there, porridge is so important that the Scottish have dedicated a legit Championship to it that takes place every year. Wow!

While in Scotland salt is a main ingredient, people in England prefer adding sugar to their bowl of creaminess. But it doesn’t end there:

Delicious variety

Porridge according to us means that it never gets old: Whatever the base – just make a slight twist to your favourite recipe each time!

  • water, milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk – choose from the variety and enjoy your porridge either earthy, pure or even exotic
  • fresh seasonal fruit or compotes not only add colour to your bowl but also a good amount of Vitamin C
  • spice it up with cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla or go even wilder with a bit of chili, pepper or ginger
  • toast some almonds or add raw nuts and seeds to make your porridge a little chunkier


Learn more about oat and what the grain has to say about itself here!

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