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The VERIVAL-Community’s Top Breakfast Locations in Vienna

May 8, 2016
  • Breakfast
The VERIVAL-Community’s Top Breakfast Locations in Vienna

We were curious for some tips from or VERIVAL Community on where to go and enjoy a delicious breakfast in Vienna. Here’s your top 10 compilation:

1 Ulrich & Erich: Two breakfast spots share the first place, which is funny because they literally belong to each other. You piled superlative on superlative to describe just how scrumptious the breakfast options are at Ulrich & Erich. Naturally, we couldn’t list them anywhere else but here, as number 1, and we’re looking forward to having “Vienna’s finest avo on toast”, “the best croissants”, “the ultimate Porridge and Crunchy with luscious toppings” and “a new interpretations of eggs benedict”.



2 Joseph Bistro: What you love about the Bistro in Vienna’s lovely 3rd district? It’s not only the variety on the menu, the vegan options or the great coffee (Tribeka) but also the convenient opportunity to brunch and do your grocery shopping at the same time. ‘Cause many of you said that Joseph Brot is always a winner and that you can’t do without it at home.

3 Motto am Fluss: You all agreed on just how amazing and unique the atmosphere and the menu is there. Once a fan, always a fan is what you said and that’s why Motto am Fluss is a very hot spot for the VERIVAL Community.



4 To the Market: Especially now as temperatures are rising you all love a decent breakfast on one of Vienna’s finest markets. Whether it’s Brunnenmarkt, Naschmarkt, Yppenmarkt, Karmelitermarkt or Kutschkermarkt – you’ll sure be bound to find everything your heart and belly desires.

5 Das AugustinThe infamous breakfast salon in Vienna’s 15th district holds a dear place in some of your hearts. An Insider’s tip from within the VERIVAL-Community: go there in summer – it’s supposed to be even cosier. Breakfast tastes great all year round, though.



6 Meierei im Stadtpark: If you like going all out on a luxurious spread on the weekend, how about you pay the Meierei im Stadtpark a visit. Enjoy selected breakfast specialities in an elegant atmosphere.

7 Ströck Feierabend: Some of you celebrate the fact that you live right around the corner from this place whereas others don’t mind a longer trip on the subway. Apparently, the croissants are oh-so-worth it.


sunday #breakfast with the bride to be 💍👰🏻 #ströckfeierabend #liebe #bff @michaelicca Ein von ♡ j u l i a l i s a m a r i a (@julvienne) gepostetes Foto am 25. Okt 2015 um 3:34 Uhr


8 Vollpension: We don’t really know if it’s the great brunch, the cosy armchairs or the nice grannys and grandpas who tend to the buffet, but it’s clear that some of you really, truly love this place in the 4th district. So go check it out for yourself if you haven’t already.

9 Sneak In: It’s no longer a secret that you can enjoy the most aesthetically pleasing breakfast buffet on Sundays at the Sneak In Concept Store in Vienna’s hip 7th district. You all love to send your taste buds on a journey through what the rich brunch has to offer. And it sure is a lot!



10 The Guesthouse Bakery: Even as a local it’s great to go out and have breakfast at a hotel for a change. The Guesthouse Bakery sure is a favourite of yours when it comes to going all out in the morning. Nice add-on: you’re practically bound to go for a walk through the city centre since the bakery is conveniently located right behind the Opera House.


Some other favourite breakfast spots of the VERIVAL-Community (in no particular order):

Kussmaul,Palmenhaus, Salzberg, Salonplafond, Cafe Francais, Blaustern, Caffé Latte, Kent, Yppenplatz 4, Lunzers Maß-Greißlerei, Figar, Sofitel, Himmelblau, Hollerei, Labstelle, Landtmanns Jausenstation, Corns’n’Pops, Amerling Beisl, Yamm!, Freiraum, Cafe Westend, Edison, Naschsalon, Kaffeemühle im Stadtpark, Rochus, Neni, Manameierei.

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