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Hektar Nektar and bee protection

October 15, 2019
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Hektar Nektar and bee protection

Since 2018 we have been supporting Hektar Nektar in their PROJECT 2028, which aims to increase the bee population by ten percent over the next ten years through the targeted support of apiarists. In today’s blog post, we would like to introduce the company Hektar Nektar and its project in more detail to you.

The company Hektar Nektar

The Viennese start-up Hektar Nektar was founded in 2017 by Martin and Mark Poreda. The company sees itself as an online platform and initiator of various initiatives to protect bees in order to increase the bee population. Hektar Nektar is dedicated to the digital bee trade, which takes place via the Hektar Nektar marketplace. Since autumn 2018, PROJECT 2028 has been motivating companies to sponsor beekeepers with a Beekeeping Starter Set and to make it easier for them to start beekeeping.


Ten percent more bees – that are 100,000 more bee colonies – by 2028. That is the ambitious goal of PROJECT 2028, an initiative of Hektar Nektar. Mark and Martin Poreda want to achieve this goal by cooperating with companies that support apiarists by purchasing bee colonies.

“We bring companies and beekeepers together and this way, can create an added value for both”, Martin Poreda explains the project background and adds: “Ultimately, everyone benefits from PROJECT 2028: The people, the bees and the environment.”

We are very happy that we can support Hektar Nektar in their project and think that it is great how many other companies are also part of this initiative. You can find all the companies that are involved in bee protection here.

With PROJECT 2028, the selected beekeepers from the community will receive a colony of bees, the dwelling, beekeeping accessories and technical literature. It’s great how many beekeepers are already part of the project. You can find the complete list here.

PROJECT 2028 beekeepers have to fulfill certain criteria:

  • Companies and beekeepers are brought together by Hektar Nektar. Attention is also paid to the regional proximity. The right beekeepers are always sought depending on the location of the company’s head office.
  • Only beekeepers who have been beekeepers for less than 5 years and have less than 10 hives are supported.
  • Only apiarists with training are supported.
  • Especially beekeepers who are registered in the association or have a beekeeper sponsor are supported.

PROJECT 2028: Bees and beekeepers

The honeybee is a domesticated animal and needs care and attention from beekeepers. Beekeepers are multipliers for more bees in the world. The start of beekeeping is connected with high initial investments and the ongoing assistance requires more money than one can earn with bee products.

Apiarists often find out in spring that many of their bees did not survive the winter. Especially for young beekeepers this can become a problem. Supporting them directly was not possible so far because of missing cross-linking.

PROJECT 2028: Companies and beekeepers

PROJECT 2028 brings supporters and apiarists together: Companies buy trained beekeepers a bee starter kit and thereby support the reproduction of bee colonies.

All PROJECT 2028 companies are online on Hektar Nektar’s website with a company profile and are linked to the profiles of “their beekeepers”. During the “matching” process, Hektar Nektar pays attention to regional proximity and to trained beekeepers who have the know-how and resources to take over a bee colony.

PROJECT 2028: Project Honey

The project honey is regional and of high quality. The honey produced is blossom honey from Hektar Nektar beekeepers. It is carefully bottled and purchased at fair prices from Hektar Nektar. Because the support of the apiarists does not stop with the equipment with a bee colony. Honey is a high-quality food, in which not only much work of the bees is included, but also the work of beekeepers. This work cannot be remunerated with low market prices. Therefore, it is important to create a greater awareness and appreciation for honey.

With a third of the honey turnover young apiarist are supported, in order to reach the higher mission – ten per cent more bees in ten years – of PROJECT 2028.


Unfortunately, the importance of bees in general has been underestimated for far too long. The bee pollinates 80% of all fruit plants – thus one thing is certain: Without bees, we humans are not viable.

Even our mueslis, crunchies and porridges would not be the same if bees would stop existing. Without bees there would be no harvest, without harvest no dried fruits and without fruits an important ingredient would be missing in our breakfast products. As we refine many of our products with honey, the bees and beekeepers play an important part.

Honey as a sugar substitute

Organic agriculture makes a decisive contribution to the preservation of bee culture by renouncing chemical-synthetic pesticides. With our commitment to Hektar Nektar we now want to go the extra mile to contribute to the protection of bees.

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