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How to make different plant-based drinks yourself

October 9, 2019
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How to make different plant-based drinks yourself

Having less cow’s milk and switching to plant-based alternatives has really become more popular in the last years. We believe that plant-based drinks can be easily integrated into breakfast and is also another step towards more sustainability. Whether with porridge, muesli or crunchy, delicious plant-based drinks simply go with everything. In this blog post, we want to introduce you to four recipes to make your own vegan milk, which you can prepare quickly and easily at home.

What you need to prepare all four plant drinks:

  • A blender
  • A fine sieve or nut milk bag

4 good reasons to make your own plant-based drink:

  • Sustainable. If you prepare your vegan milk yourself, you can easily save the packaging waste produced by purchased milk or a plant-based drink. It is also particularly good for the environment if you buy the ingredients, such as nuts, without packaging, for example in a shop with only unpackaged goods.
  • Individual. You can also customise the milk to suit your own taste and decide how sweet you want the drink to be. With the leftovers of the production, you can also easily make delicious recipes and refine your dishes.
  • Always ready. Since you need a maximum of 4 ingredients to make your own vegetable milk, it’s also quick to prepare. You probably always have the ingredients at home, so you can also make your own vegan milk on a Sunday, holiday or late in the evening.
  • Quick. For most homemade plant drinks, you don’t need more than 20 minutes. Therefore, it is also not time-consuming to make your own plant milk.

4 delicious recipes for your homemade plant drinks:

1. Oat drink

You can quickly prepare your own oat milk in just 20 minutes. For this drink let 100g of oat flakes soak in water for about 15 minutes. Then put the oat flakes in your mixer together with a date, a pinch of salt and about 1 litre of water. If you like, you can add some vanilla flavour to your oat milk to easily turn your drink into a vanilla flavoured one. Mix all the ingredients for about 1 minute. Finally, take a sieve and a bowl and pour the oat drink through the sieve so that all residuals are filtered out of the vegetable milk and the clear oat drink is collected in the bowl. From now on you can enjoy your favourite muesli and porridge with your own oat drink.

2. Hazelnut drink

Another vegan milk alternative is the delicious hazelnut drink. For this recipe soak about 100g of hazelnuts in water overnight. Once the hazelnuts are soft, you can drain the water. Put the hazelnuts together with a sweetener of your choice (you can use dates or agave syrup) and 1 litre of water in the mixer. Mix the ingredients well until they become creamy. Finally, let the hazelnut drink flow through a sieve or alternatively use a nut milk bag to remove small pieces from your milk.

3. Almond drink

For your homemade almond milk, we even have two different recipes for you to try! The first one is especially quick to prepare. 😊

First alternative

The first homemade almond milk variation can be prepared quickly without soaking any nuts. You need 3 tbsp of almond nut butter, you can use both white and brown almond nut butter, as well as two dates, a litre of water and some agave syrup. Put all the ingredients in your mixer and mix them well until the ingredients are creamy. Finally, pour the almond milk through a sieve to filter the small residues out of the milk.

Second alternative

In the second variation, let 200g of almonds soak in a bowl of warm water. Leave the almonds covered with water overnight.  Drain the water on the next day. Then pour the almonds into your blender with about twice as much water and something to sweeten them. Then mix the almond milk briefly so that it does not contain any bigger pieces anymore. It is best to use a nut milk bag to remove any small pieces. In winter you can for example add cinnamon to the almond milk.

4. Cashew drink

For the last plant-based milk alternative that we present you today, you need 100g of cashews and 3 cups of water to soak the cashews. When the cashews are soft, mix the cashews with 2-4 cups of water, two dates and some salt. You can use a sieve or a nut milk bag to sieve the cashew drink.

Two last tips for your vegetable milk

Reuse the leftovers:

The pomace, i.e. the residues that remain after sieving or that remain in the nut milk bag, can easily be reused. You can simply add the leftovers to your muesli, use them as a spread on bread or use them for a cake dough.

A pinch of salt:

To make your own vegetable milk more durable, always add a pinch of salt when mixing the ingredients. 😉

We think that all four plant drinks are really delicious and we like to combine them with our mueslis, crunchies and porridges. Let us know on Instagram if you have tried one of the recipes and tell us which one you liked best. Have fun making your own plant-based drink!

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