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8 reasons why you should order your breakfast online

November 18, 2019
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8 reasons why you should order your breakfast online

For a long time the importance of having breakfast has been neglected. However, in recent years breakfast has become the most important meal of the day, not only from a scientific point of view. Moreover, having breakfast has also become a great social success. More often you can find beautifully arranged smoothie bowls on Instagram, brand new or newly discovered food trends like superfood or hip breakfast cafés appearing on every corner… Breakfast is simply the empress among all meals. 

We at Verival have known about the importance of breakfast for a long time. That’s why we’ve made it our daily task to develop the best breakfast products and have brought them to your breakfast table for the last 25 years. A great and increasingly popular way to buy your breakfast is to order it directly in our online shop. 

But why should you order your breakfast online now? We have collected the most important reasons for you:

1. The full selection

If you order online, you will never have to fight your way through supermarkets again to finally find what you have been looking for. In our online shop you can find everything that we offer, and you always have the full selection. So, you will never again be annoyed by going from one local supplier to the next, only to find out that the desired product is not available. Our products are always available online and you can easily order them directly to your home. And if you have a really big appetite for breakfast, you can also order big packs online which are not available in normal shops. So, you could say it is a win-win situation. One of our recommendations would be the big pack of our delicious Spelt Crunchy – because honestly, who wouldn’t want 1400 grams of their favourite Crunchy at home?

2. You are always the first when it comes to novelties

If you order online, you always know exactly what your favourite manufactory is planning and what new items are released. This way you can always be among the first to enjoy new products. At the moment we have brand new, super delicious porridges according to the 5-element teachings of TCM. So, you are a customer in our online shop, you are always informed about our novelties before you can get them in the supermarkets. In conclusion, all enthusiastic testers and samplers among you, this is an important reason why you should buy your porridge online from now on. 

3. No heavy muesli shopping bags again

Anyone who has ever done shopping in bulks knows exactly what it means to arrive at home covered in sweat and with aching arms and in the worst case not even with the entire shopping intact. Even if many people say that they like to do this and that it is good for your fitness, we are big fans of the stress-free variant. Because it’s simply more comfortable and relaxed when the doorbell rings in the morning and you can put your favourite muesli, porridge etc. directly and without any strains on your own shelves.

4. You can stock up on your breakfast products

In our online shop you can order as much as you want! A fact that many people may not even be aware of, but that is so obvious. Those who have enough space at home can stock up on their favourite products properly and get everything delivered directly to their home. So, if you really want to buy in bulk, you can easily do it from the couch.

5. You are not tied to a specific location

Once again there is a lot going on in your life and besides all the stress you have to get your shopping done? For instance, it’s almost inevitable that you forget your favourite muesli or porridge and look through your fingers during breakfast the next morning. So why not order breakfast to your work location? With an online shop you are not bound to your own home address. In conclusion should make use of these advantages so that you don’t miss out on the most important meal of the day. Your breakfast can be delivered comfortably everywhere – at work, at home, to your partner or your closest PO post box. 

6. Promotions and discounts!

You belong to the group of bargain hunters and are constantly looking for the best price in the supermarket? You don’t have to renounce this when you buy your breakfast online, because we (and certainly many other manufacturers) offer discounts and promotions on various products or product categories online. So, is definitely worth visiting our online shop from time to time.

7. The technology is our friend

In recent years a lot has changed in terms of functionality and user interface. It gets easier and easier to order online. Various payment options are available, tailor-made for each individual user. There is also the famous online filter function. So no more searching eternal shelves for the right products! Do you eat vegan? Do you have a gluten intolerance? Simply select the appropriate filter and look- the shop only shows you the products that you can or want to have. It can be so simple!

8. An online shop is never closed!

It may sound obvious, but an online shop has no opening hours. So, if you want to buy your breakfast at 23:42, you can still place an order in the online shop. (We confess, from time to time we belong to that kind of person.). A shop that is open 24/7 for me and all my preferences are available? That sounds almost too good to be true – but it isn’t!

In conclusion, no matter whether you have already discovered online shopping for yourself or you are still hesitating to buy online, we are always happy when you visit us and click yourself through our assortment. If you have any questions or comments, our customer service is always there to help you 😊

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