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Breakfast at the office: The new trend in everyday working life

November 18, 2019
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Breakfast at the office: The new trend in everyday working life

Breakfast, aka the most important meal of the day, has not only found its way into our own four walls. More and more people like to take their time in the morning and simply have the meal at work. The new trend “breakfast at the office” goes from north to south and from east to west. Many people want to have a good breakfast before they start the day.

Due to our biological rhythm, which makes us early risers, late risers and all levels in between, especially the group of late risers has less time for a balanced breakfast in the morning. So why not just have your breakfast at work?

Why even have breakfast?

Let’s start with the basics: Why should you have breakfast? To answer this question simply, you don’t need many words. Breakfast is simply healthy – but only if you do it right. Over many years, the effects of having and not having breakfast have been observed. It was found that cognitive abilities, such as concentration suffer greatly in the morning if you don’t have a good breakfast. 

Furthermore, this effect was most noticeable in adolescents. However, you should not have very heavy food early in the morning – often a small portion is enough to get the body and digestion going. 

The old saying “eat like an emperor in the morning, like a king at noon and like a beggar in the evening” may be true for many people, but it is not generally valid. One could observe that those who ate a large breakfast, did not have less appetite throughout the day. 

For example, a bowl of porridge with fresh fruit is not too much and yet just the right thing to start the day actively and fit in the morning.

Office and breakfast – does that fit at all?

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the office has probably already found his or her own tactics to feel as comfortable as possible there. For some it’s photos on their desks, for others it’s important to always have their favourite pen at hand, and for others it’s their daily snacks or feel-good tea.

Morning ritual

A great ritual could be to start the day with your favourite muesli. Recurring, habitual actions at the same time and in the same place help us humans to give us a feeling of stability and to find our way around. Who doesn’t want that?

Morning motivation

The anticipation of a good breakfast can make the start into a working day a lot easier. So why not raise your mood and motivation for the day by preparing yourself a nice breakfast at the office? You can start every day positive, delicious and healthy – and this probably also helps you to get out of bed easier.

Morning moments

Especially people with families often cannot take the time to have breakfast at home. Children have to be dressed, beds have to be made and snacks have to be prepared. But in order for you not to directly slip from the hectic family morning into the hectic office routine, a moment of pausing and doing something good for yourself can work wonders. Why not in the form of a lovingly prepared breakfast at the office?

As you can see, we think that office and breakfast go together wonderfully – if you just do it right:

Breakfast at the office – that’s how it works

Having breakfast at the office may sound a bit strange to some, but most of you will probably be either Team “Breakfast at Home” or Team “No Breakfast”. We’ll show you why there’s a third option and how breakfast at the office works best. 

Not in front of the PC!

One thing is very, very important to us: We don’t want to promote the idea of having breakfast in front of the PC in the morning. In the best case, one should take your time to have breakfast and enjoy it without any distractions. Only this way you can really perceive your saturation point and enjoy the meal with all your senses and prepare yourself comfortably for the coming challenges of the day.

Team breakfast

A shared breakfast among colleagues can be a great social get together – be it every day or just once per week. For some, the office may not be the perfect place to relax. However, a good relationship with colleagues can also make the most stressful and strenuous phases of everyday office life easier, lift the mood and generally improve the performance of employees. 

Everything you need

In most cases, every office has at least one coffee machine – because coffee is a must in every office. The great thing about our breakfast products is that it doesn’t take much to make them ready to eat. For our delicious porridges, a kettle is actually enough to prepare them. If you have a small fridge or kitchenette in your office, you can go a few steps further. Why not store yoghurt and seasonal fruit in the fridge? Or milk for an extra delicious porridge? There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to breakfast – according to the saying “Everything that works, works”. Especially with your breakfast you can get creative. Our philosophy on this topic: In the morning you should eat what makes you happy and you profit from it all day long.

Office suitable breakfast from Verival

Is there even such a thing as an “office-ready breakfast”? We think, yes! 

Something for everyone

Alina loves her porridge. Viktor doesn’t like raisins. Kathi is a vegan. Frank eats gluten-free. Nadja can’t stand nuts. There are just as many different tastes and diets as there are people in the world. For this very reason, it is important to us to maintain a broad, varied assortment so that no one has to miss out on a deliciously healthy breakfast.

Verival in big packs

The ideal package size naturally depends on how many employees have breakfast at the office. If several people have breakfast, big packs are ideal so that the muesli box is not empty again on day 2. Fortunately, we also offer many of our mueslis and crunchies as big packs (between 1300 g and 2000 g). 

Order directly to the office

Breakfast at the office, well okay. But who actually buys the muesli, crunchy and Co.? Volunteers are rarely found for this job and sending interns is not a nice way to do it either. So how about ordering breakfast via our online shop and delivering it directly to the office? 

Staggered discounts

Did you know that we also offer staggered discounts in our online shop? This means that we offer you a discount for each product with an order quantity of at least 2 pieces and also a higher discount from an order quantity of 6 pieces. Pretty handy for bulk orders, right? 

We’ve convinced you and you now can’t wait to get started with the new “office breakfast” trend? That’s it! We hope you enjoy it a lot.

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Berry Wholegrain Muesli 1300g
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Spelt Crunchy 1400g
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