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How to prepare oat flakes properly

February 24, 2020
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How to prepare oat flakes properly

You probably already know that oat flakes are now considered as a real superfood and should therefore be an integral part of a healthy diet. But when preparing oat flakes you should consider a few small tricks so that the oat flakes do not taste too boring and get the right consistency.

In this blog post you will learn how to prepare the flakes best with water and milk and we will give you 5 tips to help you prepare them easily.

The correct preparation of oat flakes

You can prepare oat flakes with water or milk or a vegan plant drink. If you use water, you should take special care to season your oatmeal well so that it doesn’t taste boring.

Preparing oat flakes with milk or a plant-based drinks

You can either boil your oat flakes together with cold milk or vegan milk in a pot or heat up the milk and then let the oatmeal simmer in the warm milk. If you boil the flakes with milk instead of water, the porridge will also be creamier.

Preparing oat flakes with water

You can also prepare oat flakes with water. You can simply pour hot water (from the kettle) over your oat flakes or porridge or boil the oat flakes in a pot of water. Especially if you prepare oatmeal with water, you should always make sure to add a pinch of salt. In addition, various spices such as cinnamon or vanilla powder make your oatmeal even more aromatic.

Various ways of preparing oat flakes

You can prepare oat flakes in 4 ways. On the one hand, you can cook the oat flakes together with liquid in a pot. You can also soak the oatmeal in cold milk or water. You can do this, for example, in the form of overnight oats, in which the oatmeal swells overnight in the refrigerator. For a quick and easy preparation, you can also pour boiling water from the kettle over the oatmeal or microwave it together with water or milk.

5 tips for preparing oat flakes

The preparation of oat flakes is not difficult at all, you should only follow these 5 tips so that the typical mistakes during preparation do not happen.

Fine or crunchy oat flakes?

When you prepare oatmeal, you must first choose the type of oat flakes you want to prepare. Fine oat flakes are softer and therefore swell up faster. Crunchy oat flakes on the other hand, retain their texture even after soaking and the porridge takes longer to become soft.

The right consistency

If you boil oat flakes together with a liquid on the stove, the two ingredients combine and the oatmeal thickens slowly. After you remove the porridge from the stove, it thickens even more and the oatmeal absorbs more liquid. Therefore, you should remove your porridge from the stove when it is still a little liquid, so that the consistency does not become too thick.

Stir, stir, stir

Stirring is particularly important when preparing oat flakes. Originally this was done with a spurtle, but you can also simply use a wooden spoon which you turn upside down for stirring. You should only stir the liquid with the oat flakes a little and carefully. Because if you stir too much, the starch contained in the oat flakes will be broken down, which makes the porridge sticky.

The pinch of salt

When preparing oatmeal you should always add a pinch of salt. This applies not only to savoury dishes, but also to sweet dishes. A pinch of salt will add to the sweetness of your porridge.

The right toppings

Different toppings on your oatmeal ensure that your porridge always remains interesting and delicious. For example, you can refine your porridge with various seeds such as chia seeds, linseeds, etc. or mix various fruits of your choice into your porridge. Oatmeal is not only a sweet dish, but can also be made into a savoury version with vegetables.

Savoury oatmeal – porridge for lunch and dinner

Oatmeal is not only a delicious option for your breakfast but can be included in your lunch as well as your dinner. One option is our delicious organic pumpkin-tomato porridge with oats. Here you can find a delicious recipe for a Buddha Bowl with oats.

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Easy Buddha Bowl

A balanced meal has never been so easy! This delicious buddha bowl recipe is the perfect mix of proteins, greens, nutritious carbohydrates, vegetables and healthy fats. Featuring the Verival Pumpkin & Tomato Porridge.
Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Total Time40 mins
Course: Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine: Buddhist


  • 30 % roasted chickpeas
  • 20 % fresh rocket
  • 20 % Verival Pumpkin & Tomato Porridge
  • 20 % fresh carrots, squash and sweet potatoes
  • 10 % fresh avocado


  • Prepare the chickpeas according to the instructions on the package.
  • Wash and peal the fresh carrots, squash and sweet potatoes and cut into small cubes. Cover them with oil, add some seasoning and put them in the oven at 200 degrees for 15-20 min.
  • Together with some oil roast the chickpeas in a frying pan.
  • Pour some boiling hot water on the Verival Pumpkin & Tomato Porridge, give it a good stir and let it sit for 3 min.
  • One after the other dress all the ingredients in your favourite bowl.
  • Finally add some almonds, cress and favourite pesto (optional).

Blackberry Porridge

1 bowl of Porridge gives you all the essential nutrients for the day...

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