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5 tips for a gluten-free and healthy breakfast

June 10, 2020
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5 tips for a gluten-free and healthy breakfast

Gluten intolerance – this diagnosis is a shock at first for anyone who gets it. What am I still allowed to eat? Do I have to give up all of my favourite food? In this blog post we explain what gluten intolerance actually meansand give you tips on how you can make your breakfast gluten-free from now on. Because one thing is certain: If you suffer from coeliac disease, you don’t have to do without a delicious Verival breakfast. 

First of all, we would like to look into the question of what is actually meant by gluten intolerance, also known as celiac disease. Celiac disease is the second most common intolerance in humans after lactose intolerance. Gluten is a protein that cannot be properly absorbed and broken down by the body. Celiac disease is a mixture of an allergy or intolerance and an autoimmune disease. It is an immune reaction of the intestine, which subsequently leads to chronic inflammation.

Tip 1 – Watch out for the glute-free seal

All gluten-free products are marked with the gluten-free seal.

To receive the seal, gluten-free products must have a gluten content of less than 20ppm. This means that low cross-contamination with products containing gluten is permitted. Before a gluten-free product is manufactured at our production site, a complex cleaning process must be carried out to ensure that the limit value of 20ppm is maintained.

After production, a sample is always taken and tested for gluten. Only if the product is below the gluten limit of 20ppm, the product can carry the “gluten-free” seal and is sold.

Find out more about the steps we take to ensure that our gluten-free products receive the gluten-free seal.

Tip 2 – Try our gluten-free Porridges

People suffering from coeliac disease do not have to miss out on a tasty and healthy breakfast because many of our breakfast products are gluten-free. We recommend our popular Strawberry-Chia Porridge, the delicious Blueberry-Apple Porridge, as well as the delicious Bircher Porridge and our Coconut-Apricot Porridge. These four porridges are not only gluten-free, but also do not contain any added sugar

Warm breakfast has many advantages. By warming porridge up, it has already reached body temperature and the body no longer needs to warm up the food. This way the body also needs less energy. Nothing stands in the way of a healthy breakfast despite coeliac disease!

Tip 3 – Nuts as gluten-free toppings

You do not have to do without toppings for your Verival Porridge if you suffer from celiac disease.

In general, we recommend topping your porridge with nutsNuts contain many vitamins, minerals and above all healthy fats. For example, you can top your breakfast with walnuts, which are a particularly good source of unsaturated fatty acids. You can also improve your muesli with cashews. Cashews contain an important building block of the messenger substance serotonin, which can even make you happyAlmonds, for example, can make you lose weight and give your breakfast a delicious and healthy crunch.

Tip 4 – Find gluten-free products in the Verival shop

You can use our filter function to filter out the gluten-free products from our breakfast assortment in the online shop very easily and at lightning speed. To do this, simply tick the box “Gluten-free” in the allergen filter and scroll through your options. You will find out that not only our 4 porridges without added sugar are listed as gluten-free, but also some other porridges and mueslis.

Tip 5 – Sweeten your breakfast gluten-free

If you want your breakfast a little sweeter, you can sweeten it with a clear conscience. And not with sugar, but with agave syrup. This is not only the perfect sugar substitute, but also gluten-free.

The agave syrup is similar to honey. The colour and consistency are almost the same, but the sugar alternative is a bit more liquid and therefore better suited for cooking. The agave syrup is also suitable for vegans and contains valuable plant substances, vitamins and minerals. It sweetens more than with honey – but the calorie count is almost the same.

Gluten-free does not automatically mean abstinence

So, anyone suffering from gluten intolerance clearly does not have to avoid delicious breakfast. If you just stick to our 5 tips, it’s a piece of cake.

And of course, our gluten-free products not only taste good and are healthy if you can’t tolerate gluten 😉 We recommend them to anyone who wants to do something good for themselves and their body in the morning!

Strawberry-Chia Porridge

This wonderfully creamy porridge gives you everything you need in the...

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