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Ideas for a fast and healthy breakfast

June 5, 2020
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Ideas for a fast and healthy breakfast

For many people breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should be. It is especially important to start the day strengthened and fit and to eat a healthy meal. Of course, it is optimal if the meal is then also prepared quickly. A quick and healthy breakfast – that is what we all want.

In this blog post we show you how you can make a healthy and fast breakfast yourself. We will explain why Porridge is the perfect healthy breakfast, how to prepare it quickly and the advantages of the so-called overnight oats, which are especially quick to prepare. We also reveal various toppings that will spice up your porridge and make it even better.

Porridge as a healthy breakfast

Whether in the microwave, on the stove or with the kettle, the Verival Porridge is ready in 3 minutes. It is therefore absolutely not time consuming to prepare the porridge. But what makes the porridge a healthy breakfast?

The real star of the porridge, which makes it so healthy, is the oatmeal it contains. Oat flakes are easily digestible and have a positive influence on our intestinal flora. Oats also contain important nutrientssuch as vitamins B1 and B6 as well as zinc, iron and magnesium.

So, in terms of nutrients it is a real superfood. Oatmeal also provides you with a lot of good fibre, which keeps you full for a long time and is easy to digest

Prepare porridge quickly in the microwave

Porridge is traditionally prepared in a potStirring is necessary constantly so that it does not burn. Preparing the porridge in the microwave is much easier and faster. But isn’t food from the microwave much unhealthier?

No! The German Institute of Nutrition Research (DlfE) confirms not many more vitamins and minerals are lost when food is heated in the microwave the right way than when it is cooked on the stove or in the oven.

Porridge mit Mikrowelle zubereiten
Faster and easier: Porridge from the microwave

So, with the right settings and the right ingredients, nothing stands in the way of your porridge made in the microwave!

Especially when it is hectic in the morning, porridge from the microwave is the right choice. Just put the porridge mixture in the microwave and wait a few minutes. Then stir quickly, add toppings and enjoy.

Porridge mit der Mikrowelle
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Porridge from the microwave

Prep Time1 min
Cook Time3 mins
Total Time4 mins
Calories: 300kcal



  • It is very easy to make your porridge in the microwave. All you have to do is put 50 g of porridge with 250 ml of milk or a plant-based alternative in a microwave-proof bowl.
  • Then put the bowl in the microwave at medium heat for 1.5 minutes. Afterwards take the bowl out of the microwave for a bit and stir the mixture well.
  • Then put the porridge back in the microwave for another 1.5 minutes.
  • When it is done, you can add toppings of your choice to your porridge.


Calories: 300kcal

Save time with Overnight Oats

Now we have learned that porridge is a super healthy breakfast and can be prepared quickly. But how can we continue to save time, especially in the morning? You can save time especially by preparing the porridge the day before and putting it in the fridge overnight. 

So, if you prepare the porridge the day before, you can enjoy a quick and healthy breakfast in the morning. Overnight oats are also the perfect breakfast to take away and will keep you full for a long time. They can even help you lose weight. The oatmeal prepared the day before is suitable for any type of diet and your breakfast will never be boring!

Learn here how to prepare your overnight oats yourself:

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Overnight Oats Recipe

The basic recipe for Overnight Oats is super simple – you only need 2 ingredients.
Prep Time2 mins
Resting Time2 hrs
Total Time2 hrs 2 mins
Servings: 1 portion
Calories: 150kcal


  • 4 tbsp oat flakes (about 45 g)
  • 80 ml water, milk or a plant-based alternative


  • Put the oat flakes and water or milk in a glass and stir the mixture well. 
  • Then put it in the refrigerator overnight or for at least 2 hours.
  • Afterwards stir again and enjoy. 


We recommend sweetening the overnight oats with honey, agave syrup or maple syrup and decorating with fruits, nuts and seeds.


Calories: 150kcal

Nuts – a nutritious topping for your breakfast

Would you like to improve your porridge or overnight oats with other important nutrients? Then top your breakfast with delicious nuts.

Nuts are excellent sources of nutrients – they not only provide us with healthy fats, but also with a wealth of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. They should therefore not be missing in any nutritional plan.

Nuts are also excellent sources of protein and therefore play an important role in maintaining and building our muscles. The high fibre content additionally supports our gastrointestinal tract and ensures a stable blood sugar level. Furthermore, fibre-rich foods keep you full longer and prevent us from having to resort to unhealthy snacks in between.

In principle it does not matter which nut you reach for. Every nut has its own advantages. The cashew, for example, can put you in a good mood, hazelnuts are good for your skin and almonds can even help you lose weight. Do the test here to see which nut suits you best.

Other superfoods as topping

Besides nuts there are many other toppings which help you spice up your porridge. We suggest for example linseeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds. All three seeds have a positive effect on our health and are therefore the perfect topping for our warm breakfast in the morning.

Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds both have a high protein content and are therefore the ideal topping for your porridge before sports.

Berry hungry! The porridge can be pimped with any berry, starting with raspberries, blueberries or strawberries. The little fruits perfectly fit to our delicious porridge. However, we would recommend that you only buy the berries fresh during the berry season, i.e. in the summer months. For the rest of the year, we recommend freezing them.

So next time you are looking for a quick and healthy alternative for your breakfast, why not try porridge? It is super easy to prepare in the microwave. If you want to save time, especially in the morning, make your overnight oats yourself the night before. And one thing you should not miss out on: lots of delicious toppings!

Chia Seeds

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