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That’s why porridge is the best breakfast before sports

February 17, 2020
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That’s why porridge is the best breakfast before sports

Basically, breakfast is an important meal that you should not leave out. No matter whether you like to exercise after getting up or prefer to take it slow, do not start the day on an empty stomach.

Porridge is perfect for a healthy start into the day and also contributes to a balanced diet. With their nutritional values and satisfying properties, oatmeal is perfect for sportsmen and women. Oats are a particularly good breakfast before training, both in muesli and oatmeal.

Breakfast before or after training?

If you like to do sports first thing in the morning, time can be limited. So it is easily possible that breakfast before training is eaten while standing or even left out. Basically, porridge is quickly prepared.

Simply put the oat flakes in a pot with water or milk, bring it to the boil briefly and let it swell while stirring constantly until it has reached the right consistency. Then add a pinch of salt and spice up the oatmeal with fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Spices such as cinnamon or ginger also go well with it. You can find more information in our article “5 tips how to make your own porridge“.

Especially when you are doing sports, you should make sure that you do not start the day with an empty stomach. The carbohydrate storage is emptied overnight and protein synthesis is in full swing. The energy that is then required for sporting activities in particular becomes scarce.

Without breakfast the you might be out of energy quickly during sports

So what should you do? Take special care to eat enough carbohydrates. With a regular food intake you can already help against this problem. Long-chain carbohydrates, such as those found in oats, are best suited to provide the body with long-term energy.

You should therefore make sure that you eat an appropriate breakfast before you exercise. When choosing breakfast, you should also take into account the time between eating and exercising. The less time you leave between eating and exercising, the smaller and low in fat the meal should be. Also make sure that you drink enough.

It also makes sense to consume additional short-chain carbohydrates, as they provide the body with energy which can be used quickly. Fruit or dried fruit are particularly suitable for providing you with energy and they are also an ideal accompaniment to your muesli or porridge before exercise. And if you have little time in the morning, overnight oats are the perfect alternative to warm porridge.

Porridge provides a lot of energy

Porridge is made from nutritious oat flakes, making it an ideal energy source and the perfect pre-workout meal. A long-lasting energy supply is guaranteed thanks to the complex carbohydrates – and thus oatmeal helps to achieve personal goals.

It is therefore not surprising that athletes like to eat porridge before exercise. There are even special sport porridge mixtures available which are quick and easy to prepare.

Eating oat flakes leads to a quick feeling of satiety thanks to its complex carbohydrates and a variety of dietary fibres. They also boost fat burning – so they are the perfect breakfast for athletes, not just in terms of energy replenishment.

Hafer Energie Sport
Porridge versorgt dich mit genügend Energie für Sport

Proteins in oats are good for building muscles

Oat flakes are not only beneficial because of their high protein content. The small flakes are real powerhouses, for example 100 grams of oats provide around 14 grams of protein. This makes the grains one of the most protein-rich vegetable foods of all and are perfect for building muscle.

The human body needs proteins not only for various metabolic processes, but also to strengthen muscles. Plant-based proteins found in vegetables or grains are also cholesterol-free and contain unsaturated fatty acids.

They also provide satiating dietary fibre, which also aids digestion. So they offer strength and performance – and not just as a meal before sport.

For which sport activities is porridge best suited as a breakfast?

Oatmeal is generally an excellent choice as a morning meal before exercise no matter which type of sports you are doing. As the main ingredient of porridge, oat flakes contain many important vitamins as well as fibre and minerals.

Oat flakes also contain folic acid, antioxidants and a combination of high protein and low fat content that is perfect for athletes. For athletes, the high proportion of silicium is particularly interesting. This trace element strengthens connective tissue, cartilage and bones. Both endurance and strength athletes benefit from this.

So whether you go to the gym or prefer to go for a run, oatmeal and porridge are guaranteed to provide your body with the right nutrition before exercise.

Sport porridge from Verival

Now we know that oatmeal or porridge is the ideal breakfast before exercise. If you exercise regularly, maybe even daily, it is possible that a normal porridge will eventually become too monotonous for you. But that does not have to happen. Another advantage of porridge is that it can be prepared and combined in many different ways.

Verival’s sports porridge, for example, features a mix of bananas, dates, linseeds, maca powder, sunflower & pumpkin seed protein powder, refined with chocolate made in Austria. This mixture tastes and offers you the ideal energy supply in the morning and as a meal before training.

Sport Porridge von Verival
Verival Sport Porridge Chocolate-Banana

Protein Porridge Cocoa-Banana

The perfect warm-up The gluten-free porridge base is blended with a mix of...

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