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Verival Vegan Challenge #2: Favourite vegan breakfast recipe

July 5, 2018
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Verival Vegan Challenge #2: Favourite vegan breakfast recipe

For the Verival Vegan Challenge, our co-worker Annalena switched from a vegetarian to a vegan diet for the month of July.
In today’s blog post, after a couple of days into the challenge, she has a short update on vegan breakfast for you and, at the same time, provides you with her favourite vegan breakfast recipe!

„Breakfast is for me the easiest vegan meal of the day. Instead of conventional yoghurt I now use soya or coconut yoghurt, instead of cow milk I use again soya or cashew drink. I would have never thought that I’d be getting used to this so quickly, respectively, that it’s actually not much of an adjustment at all! I simply love the Verival breakfast products – no matter whether I prepare them with dairy or plant-based alternatives. And the selection of vegan milk substitutes is huge by now, really.”

No morning without (overnight) oats

„Since I tend to prepare my breakfast in the evening before or right after getting up and take it with me to the office, it’s no surprise that my favourite vegan breakfast recipe would have something to do with overnight oats. Especially when preparing the breakfast in the morning– in other words, when the oats cannot soak for the entire night – the Verival porridges are a great basic ingredient, because they soften already after about only half an hour in water, milk or plant drink. Find out below all about my favourite vegan breakfast recipe:”

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Vegan Strawberry-Chia Overnight Oats with cocoa (gluten free)

Creamy overnight oats on the basis of the Verival Strawberry-Chia Porrigde with cocoa, banana, peanut butter and fresh strawberries.
Prep Time10 mins
Resting Time30 mins
Total Time10 mins
Course: Breakfast
Keyword: Overnight Oats, strawberry-chia porridge, vegan breakfast
Servings: 1


  • 60 g (about 6 tbsp) Verival Strawberry-Chia-Porridge
  • 60 g (about 2 tbsp) soya yogurt or any other plant-based alternative
  • 100 ml soya drink or any other plant-based alternative
  • 3 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1/2 banana cut into slices
  • possibly agave syrup or maple syrup as much as you please


  • 1/2 banana cut into slices
  • peanut butter as much as you please
  • fresh strawberries as much as you please


  • Fill up the jar with about 60g Verival Strawberry-Chia Porridge (about 6 tbsp) and 3 tsp cocoa powder. Blend it well.
  • Cut the banana into thin slices and mix about half of it with the porridge. 
  • Fill up the jar with 2 tbsp of soya yogurt and 100 ml soya drink and again, blend it well. 
  • Seal the jar well and put it in the fridge overnight or at least for half an hour. 
  • (In the morning) before enjoying it, add peanut butter, the second half of the banana and fresh strawberries as toppings – and you’re done!

„I personally like my breakfast not too sweet, which is why for me, the sweetness of the banana and the strawberries is perfectly fine. However, if you have more of a sweet tooth than me, you can still add, for example, some agave or maple syrup to the overnight oats.“

Of course, also all the other Verival Porridges, Mueslis and Flakes are a perfect basis for preparing different overnight oat variations. There are no limits to your creativity! Find more recipes and inspiration here.

And if you’d like to read about what motivated Annalena to do the Verival Vegan Challenge and what she expects to learn from it, simply take a look here. 🙂

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