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Warm breakfast strengthens your immune system

August 18, 2020
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Warm breakfast strengthens your immune system

Warm breakfast is very trendy. Porridge in all variations should no longer be missing from the menu in any hip breakfast restaurant. Garnished with fresh fruits and nuts, the porridge is also still pretty to look at.

But warm breakfast should not only look and taste good but should also be healthy. But where does this image change come from?

Verival, the Tyrolean organic factory, has been producing porridge and other breakfast products by hand for 25 years. Managing Director Wolfgang Fojtl knows the trends and developments in the breakfast scene:

“Recently, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have had an increasing influence on our health consciousness and thus also on our eating habits. People want to eat healthy food and do something good for their bodies through nutrition. Last year, in cooperation with nutritional scientists, we therefore launched our own TCM Porridge range on the market, which is well received by our customers.”

TCM Porridge Verival
TCM Porridge from Verival

Nutrition experts confirm the health benefits

But not only the development of the market proves Fojtl right. Numerous nutrition experts also recommend a warm breakfast as part of a healthy diet.

Nutritionist Nina Mandl knows a lot about TCM. In an interview with Verival she reveals the advantages of a cooked meal in the morning:

“Basically, it is easy to understand that we make our body’s work much easier if we allow our body to enjoy pre-processed and already warmed food through the cooking process. Whether this warm breakfast is a warm cereal porridge, such as a delicious oat porridge, an egg dish or a soup is left to personal preference. If, on the other hand, the breakfast consists of bread with any kind of topping, our body has to expend a lot of energy to transform it.”

According to TCM, those who opt for a warm breakfast in the morning strengthen their immune system (especially during the autumn and winter months) and also warm their body from within.

Warmes Frühstück nach TCM
Warm breakfast according to TCM (picture by @kseniaskos)

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lungs are responsible for the body’s defences. The lung is in turn strongly connected to the spleen, which together with the stomach is responsible for digestion and the conversion of food into energy. So anything that is good for the spleen is also good for the lungs.

Western medicine also knows this: a large part of the immune system is located in the intestine and digestion. So if you choose an easily digestible, warm breakfast, you will strengthen your immune system in the long run and prevent diseases.

Sour Cherry-Cocoa Oat Porridge

Warm TCM Oat Porridge against cold feet A warm, perfectly balanced meal...

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