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Preparing porridge with the Thermomix

August 19, 2020
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Preparing porridge with the Thermomix

Everyone is probably familiar with the Vorwerk Thermomix. Whether TM 31, TM 5 or TM 6: Porridge is wonderfully easy to prepare with all the appliances in the series. This is not only due to the pot on which nothing can burn, but also because you don’t have to stand next to it to stir.

You can simply switch on the Thermomix in the morning before showering, add all the ingredients and enjoy your breakfast after washing. Porridge with the Thermomix, it could hardly be easier.

Basic recipe for porridge from the Thermomix

Porridge is available in different variations and not only since the invention of the Thermomix. The basic recipe for porridge consists of very simple ingredients:

  • milk or water
  • oat flakes
  • a pinch of salt

Weigh 300 ml of milk and 60 g of oat flakes. Put these into the mixing bowl and refine the porridge with a pinch of salt. Stir continuously while heating until you get a nice porridge mass in the Thermomix.

Boil down the porridge for 12 minutes at 90°C on level 0.5. Then put it in a bowl and enjoy it warm. According to TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, a warm breakfast has many great advantages for you. It warms your body and helps to avoid cold feet.

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Porridge from the Thermomix

Prep Time12 mins
Total Time12 mins
Servings: 2


  • 60 g oat flakes
  • 300 ml water, milk or plant drink
  • honey, agave syrup or maple syrup for sweetening
  • fresh fruits and nuts as toppings


  • Put all the ingredients in the mixing pot.
  • Then set your Thermomix to the following: 12 minutes / 90°C / counterclockwise rotation, stirring level
  • Put the finished porridge in 2 bowls and add fresh fruits, nuts and maple syrup as desired.
    Porridge mit dem Thermomix zubereiten

For more sweetness, simply add a few toppings to your porridge from the Thermomix. For example fresh fruits, nuts, seeds or some honey.

Porridge variations from the Thermomix

In addition, the Thermomix has other advantages for the preparation of porridge, too. If you want a nut or apple porridge, you don’t have to reduce the ingredients beforehand. You can put the nuts and apple pieces together in the Thermomix.


Set the knife to level 5-8 and everything will be the size you need for the porridge. Depending on whether you prefer the fruit cold or warm, you should add it before or after cooking.

Or just try a crunchy Granola with your porridge. It’ll give that porridge that extra bite. For all those with a sweet tooth, our Verival Chocolate Crunchy is the perfect choice.

Further variations are:

  • Replace milk with vegan alternatives or water
  • Add fruits such as strawberries, bananas, wild berries, cherries or similar as topping after serving
  • Add fruits such as apples, pears or frozen products already during preparation
  • Sweeten it with honey or maple syrup

Why is porridge so healthy?

Oat flakes contain a high proportion of carbohydrates (≈70 %), protein (≈15 %), unsaturated fatty acids, soluble fibres (≈10 g/100 g), valuable vitamins and iron. In addition, the beta-glucan contained in oats can lower the cholesterol level and has positive effects on the blood sugar level.

Oat flakes keep you full for a long time and additionally support your digestion. Adding nuts and chia seeds to your oatmeal provides you with healthy vegan proteins.

Oats consist of many dietary fibres. These are healthy for the digestion and keep you full for a long time. Oatmeal can replace a complete meal, i.e. breakfast, lunch or dinner. Oatmeal also contains plenty of magnesium and iron.

Porridge has relatively few calories. Depending on the liquid it is mixed with and the topping you use, the number of calories varies. So it does not always have to be milk with 3.5% fat. There are many tasty vegan alternatives. The least calories are of course has water.

What is the shelf life of porridge from the Thermomix?

Basically it is a good idea to prepare porridge the day before. Because then the oat flakes are completely soaked and the porridge is at its tastiest. However, it is important to store the porridge in a cool place. Then it will keep until breakfast or even noon.

It is best to prepare the Overnight Oats the night before, then you can sleep in peace and enjoy your breakfast right away. If you want to keep your gruel longer, mix it with water and add ingredients like berries or fresh fruit as porridge toppings only when serving.

Can I eat porridge for breakfast only?

No, of course oats are also a good idea for lunch or dinner. The nutrients, vitamins and minerals are good at any time of the day. When you have dinner, however, you should bear in mind that oats are not only healthy, but also contain lots of energy.

If you want to go to bed full, that may be good for you. But then most of them feel full and, despite light porridge toppings, do not like to eat in the evening.

What other porridge recipes are there?

The recipes are very varied. You can put several toppings, spices and fruits on your porridge. It all depends on your taste and your imagination. The basic recipe can be varied according to your wishes and preferences.

Porridge from Verival

Verival offers different mixtures that can be mixed exactly like oat flakes in the Thermomix. Milk or water as well as plant drinks are also available. The nutrients in the porridge mixes are the same and often even more balanced.

Because we at Verival pay special attention to the best organic quality of the raw materials, we only use ingredients that taste good and are good for your body. It is also not necessary to buy individual ingredients. Dried fruit and berries are already included in the package.

Try our delicious Bircher porridge, for example. Inspired by Bircher muesli, this classic has been reinterpreted. If you prefer it more salty, then you should try our Pumpkin & Tomato Porridge. Because of its spicy taste, this porridge is guaranteed to stay in your memory.

Additional info:

Porridge is not necessarily a very attractive name for a well-proven food that helps not only athletes but also active people through the day. Whether you want to lose weight or just stay fit, porridge is your ideal companion.

The number of variations is infinite. So there is no boredom on the table, even if it is the same healthy basic mixture every morning. Thanks to Thermomix the healthy porridge is quickly prepared.

Bircher Porridge

1 bowl of porridge gives you all the essential nutrients for the day...

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